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Could memes be the cure to insomnia? Let soft dreamy thoughts lull you to sleep with these mindless & silly sleep memes.

Get a good night’s rest dreaming of these hilarious sleep memes

Sleep: our greatest friend & foe. Without it, we’re left in a lurch, devoid of the energy we all so preciously need to get us through our long days. Yet, when the time comes to lie your weary head down in bed, somehow sleep eludes us as irrepressible thoughts of all kinds crawl into our heads.

Perhaps one of the best ways to dull the brain is to shift through some mindless memes encouraging you to drift slowly into a sound sleep. While we can’t necessarily prescribe “memes” as a cure to insomnia, we hope they’ll do some good for the restless buzz in your brain. Let soft dreamy thoughts lull you to sleep with these silly sleep memes. 

Don’t do the math

Setting an early alarm on a late night is a true tragedy.

Sleeping is addictive

Why is it that if you exceed a certain number of hours of sleep that you just wish it could be eternal? Oversleeping can somehow leave you feeling drained . . . but why? Doesn’t more sleep = good?

Sleepin’ on the clock

What?! We’d never do that . . . 😴

Spud snoozin’

We’re all just withering potatoes who need some extra time to cook in the oven. 🥔

Please say it ain’t so

Our bodies naturally train ourselves to wake up at a regular time when there’s an alarm. If you wake hoping you’ll get some extra time in . . . we’re so sorry. You probably won’t be so lucky.

Sleep makes us question our priorities

Some mornings are so rough it seems like not even a steady income is worth the strain of rising before you’re ready.

Not the pizza! 😱 🍕

We can’t think of a worse consequence for sleep deprivation. A soiled pizza? Heartbreaking.

Eternal slumber

Ready to clock out of the whole “life” thing going on? Sleep is like Death Lite™.

The Law of Sleeping

Listen to Albert Einstein’s wise words of wisdom here. He’s smart so he knows it’s better to just let sleep win to keep your dreams alive.

Take what you can get

If cat’s can curl up in uncomfortable spots like this, we have faith you can enjoy the comfort of your bed – or even a couch! Any sleep counts.

Sleep you, Pooh! 

That’s right – we see you! You’ve gotta be sleepy at this point. Put the memes down and close your eyes. 

We hope these sleep memes give you some levity, but be sure to step away from that blue light screen to get some real rest. If you’re still struggling, try relaxation techniques, regulating circadian rhyme, and exercising early in your day – don’t hesitate to seek professional help if the problem persists.

 Stay rested; stay sane, friends. 

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