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Are you oversleeping? Need help getting up in the morning? Try looking at some funny sleep memes to wake up more than just your funny bone.

Feeling extra tired? Wake yourself up with these memes about sleep

Sleep: we all need it, we all can’t get enough of it, and we all can’t seem to do it properly. You’d think a practice so necessary to human function would come easier, but here we are. No matter how much sleep we get, there never seems to be enough time to close our eyes, count sheep, and catch some z’s.

Sleep memes are arguably the meme format with the longest life expectancy; what’s more relatable on a grand scale than the concept of sleep? 

Social media users no doubt have seen dozens of memes about remembering “that embarrassing thing you did five years ago” just before drifting off the sleep, but these memes have increased in volume and expanded conceptually. We’ve gathered some of the best sleep memes Twitter has to offer.

You need your eight hours

Everyone knows the rule-of-thumb for a good night’s sleep is eight hours, but how many people do you know that follow the golden rule? For many of us, this concept is downright unfeasible and this pick from Twitter’s barrel of sleep memes shows that for many of us, when it comes to sleep, it’s all or nothing.

Here we have another selection from Twitter’s sleep memes with the format of choosing the road less traveled. Who needs eight hours when you can have eight coffees instead?

For some people, running on little sleep seems like an accomplishment to be bragged about. Go off kings, rise & grind to your hearts’ content, but don’t look at us when you pass out in the Starbucks.

Speaking of passing out, nothing’s worse than trying to keep your eyes open after not catching enough time in the sack. This selection from Twitter’s sleep memes is a painfully accurate display of what it looks like when you’re sitting in a class or meeting after three hours of sleep. Pinch yourself all you want, you don’t stand a chance.

This is a sleep meme for gamers, but can apply to anyone opening their umpteenth book, video, or song long after their bedtime. Just one more? Whatever you say.

Back to bed

While some take pride in their sleeplessness, others are defiant in the world’s expectation to spend most of their time awake. Morty tha bulldog has the right idea.

The COVID-19 pandemic along with the lingering effects of all things 2020 has many of us ready to spend as much time in bed as possible. In this pick from Twitter’s sleep memes, David Lynch tells us like it is. What new disaster awaits us today?

The devastation of Monday morning (and each work day following) is represented perfectly in this sleep meme. Good morning, it’s 2021, and nothing has changed.

Strange sleep

Many people say they get their greatest ideas in the middle of the night, in between long bouts of slumber. This meme attacks the frustrating times you have all of your problems solved, but only for a few seconds (damn you, brain.)

Ever live with a snorer? Nothing’s more infuriating than trying to sleep when someone near you is keeping you up with their sleep. We get it, you’re sleeping and unlike us, you’re going to wake up feeling great tomorrow.

Sometimes waking up after a good sleep, you can forget your own name. This pick from Twitter’s sleep memes reminds us what it’s like when you catch up on all that sleep you missed. No, you didn’t sleep through homeroom, and you haven’t in fifteen years.

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