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In 2021, our best hope for tranquility is the sweet sanctity of slumber. Before you hit snooze – check out these goodnight memes.

Wish your baby goodnight with these hilarious bedtime memes

In 2021, our best hope for tranquility is the sweet sanctity of slumber. Is there anything better than getting a great night’s sleep? Sleep is one of life’s great joys, but sometimes it’s harder to catch a good forty winks than we might expect, and there’s little more infuriating than a bad night’s sleep.

Sleep can be hard to find for the everyday young person, but for new parents, sleep is often only earned after a tumultuous battle; not only do parents have to find a way to get themselves to sleep, but also they must take on the daunting task of getting their kids to sleep.

In the age of the internet, we often find solace in our struggles by relating to memes that are shouted into the void on Twitter, and struggles with sleep are no different.

Whether you oscillate between CBD supplements & white noise machines to get yourself to sleep, or if you pass out cold after delivering a marathon of bedtime stories to your little ones, there’s a ton of goodnight memes on Twitter just for you. We’ve compiled our favorite goodnight memes below to lighten up the every night struggle.

Parent memes

Bedtime is more than just a time of day when you’re a parent: it’s a battleground. These goodnight memes focus on the struggle parents face in finally getting their rugrats in bed & zonked out. This GOT meme captures the breaking point many moms & dads face.

The bedtime ritual can sometimes feel never ending. This meme cut from Jumanji says it all (what year is it?).

As our kids grow, they can sometimes seem too smart for their own good, and they certainly use their wits when bedtime rolls around. Remind us, why did we teach our little ones to talk so soon?

Bedtime brain

Our wormy brains and their ruthless streams of thought have come to be the stars of goodnight memes on Twitter. Couldn’t we save these memories for the morning?

This cut from Twitter’s goodnight memes gets specific with the twisted plot of bedtime brain. Leave me alone brain, it’s bedtime.

Sometimes goodnight memes present our brain’s attack on even the most minor mishaps from our past. I’m sure they didn’t see us wave, anyway (right?).

Trouble sleeping

Even if our brains leave us alone, and even if we don’t have kids to put to bed, sometimes sleeping can be quite a trial. Here’s an example of when we finally make it to bed, but in the wrong place.

Do you find yourself playing a nightly game of blanket tug-of-war with your partner? This cut from Twitter’s goodnight memes captures what it’s like to balance your sleeping habits with those of your bedfellow.

They say if you move too much after dozing off, you might have to wind down all over again. When we forget to do some things after we’ve hit the sack, it’s time to get creative.

Finally, the hardest part of getting to bed, is going to bed. If you can’t shut your laptop for the evening (just one more episode), this meme is for you.

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