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Aunt Jemima is now a thing of the past. Twitter welcomes newly renamed Pearl Milling Company with an homage of hilarious memes.

Aunt Jemima changes its name: Memes followed shortly after

Quaker Oats is releasing a new name and logo for its “Aunt Jemima” products, finally retiring the racist stereotype that has adorned its pancake mixes and syrups for decades.

The name “Aunt Jemima,” has been long criticized as a racist caricature of a Black woman stemming from slavery. But it wasn’t just the name that was offensive. Most people today are familiar with the “modern” Jemima with the coiffed hair, lipstick and earrings.

However, the original image portrayed a smiling Black woman wearing a red bandana around her head with a white collar, reminiscent of a maid’s uniform, visible. She also looked to be about 20 pounds heavier than her modern counterpart. The modern version, too, was a response to cries of racism. Yet, the stigma remained. (Black History lesson for the day. You’re welcome. 😲)

“We are starting a new day with Pearl Milling Company,” a PepsiCo spokesperson said. “A new day rooted in the brand’s historic beginnings and its mission to create moments that matter at the breakfast table.” (Guess they mean teaching moments.)

The Internet is, of course, having a field day with the announcement. We’ve been cracking up at some of the hilarious memes being shared on Twitter. Here you go!:

Aunt Jemina exits

I’m outtie!

Not Juneteenth

Soooo, it’s not a holiday?

Come and get it, I dare you

You can’t have it. Not MY Aunt Jemima!

Where’d it go?

Searching, searching everywhere.

Leaving now

That’s that. Bye-ee!

Rest in peace?

Just waiting for the next controversy.

A syrup by any other name . . .

You gotta admit, a little imagination would’ve helped.

Alrighty, then

Moving right along . . .

Powerful Black woman . . . riiight.



Destined to become a collector’s item!

Trump chugs syrup

(Sigh) Got a cast iron stomach, that one!

So what do you think about the Aunt Jemima name change? Let us know in the comments below!

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