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MTV's 'Ridiculousness' might be the most popular show for this once iconic channel and brand, but we're sick of it! Here are the best memes that prove it!

Are you sick of the MTV show ‘Ridiculousness’? These memes say “yes”

MTV’s Ridiculousness is a show that highlights the stupidity of today’s world, showing audiences real-life fails and captured bloopers while host Rob Dyrdek gives his commentary alongside Chanel West Coast and Sterling “Steelo” Brim. The show, which also features celebrity guest spots, has seemingly backed MTV into a corner over the years, leaving this once iconic channel at the mercy of this non-stop blooper reel. 

How do we feel about it? Let’s just say that these memes which poke fun of the show Ridiculousness should voice our anger towards this over-saturated albeit successful program for MTV. 

Look at it

Ok, we will look. But listen? Ehh, our ears can only take so much of Chanel West Coast’s laugh. 

Corner the market

Is Ridiculousness really the best replacement for Jack@$$

The Chanel and the Sterling Soldier

Horrible title, we know. Honestly? This meme doesn’t even need a caption

MTV without the music

Seriously, how pissed are Bob Saget, Tom Bergeron, and Alfonso Ribeiro these days? The show America’s Funniest Home Videos had to walk so that Ridiculousness could fly! 

Just evil

Just rename the damn channel . . . and not to Chanel, either! 


Clever . . . but you lost the moment you used a Wendy Williams meme. 

Funky town

We’re not even sure what the heck this is or means. It has nothing to do with the show Ridiculousness . . . so why are we obsessed? 

Tip your hat

The hat-to-head ratio is about the same for host Rob Dyrdek. 

Shots fired

People really are sick of the show Ridiculousness, aren’t they? Is it because Steelo has the easiest job in the world? 

For real

Bring back some of our favorite scripted “reality” shows of the 2000s! It’s the best way to fill also the absurd slots reserved for Ridiculousness.

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