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A little MTV cartoon is getting new life thanks to the network that killed it before. 'Clone High' is getting rebooted with the original crew.

Taylor Selfridge has been an MTV reality star staple for years now. Here's the latest on why Taylor Selfridge is cancelled.

Netflix's 'The Order' had some big acts to follow. Here’s our ranking of the most terrifying teen horror shows ever made.

May is Zombie Awareness Month. The shuffling hordes could help settle an ongoing debate that has infuriated horror fans for decades: fast or slow zombies?

With the recent release of the terribly titled 'T2: Trainspotting', we were inspired to listen again to the original 'Trainspotting' soundtrack.

To catch you up on where the core, original cast members of 'The Hills' have been since the show ended in 2010, here’s a little roundup.

MTV has announced the launch of MTV Studios and the company is bringing back all of your favorite shows. What a time to be alive!

Along with the "radical" reboot of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', what other remakes are currently in the pipeline?

Warner Bros. Pictures has teamed up with MTV to get a closer look at everyone’s favorite maniacal clown with a sneak peak into It, directed by Andrés Muschietti