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Is Cardi B still relevant in 2023? Here’s what her net worth reveals

Has success ever been so sweet, and yet so turbulent? Once known for her Vine and Instagram fame, Cardi B’s life changed forever in 2017. Remember when Bodak Yellow became the summer anthem? With its success, she skyrocketed into stardom, making her the only female rapper with multiple RIAA diamond-certified songs. 

Later, her 2018 album, Invasion of Privacy, shattered streaming records, clinching triple platinum status and bagging her a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

But she’s more than a music icon. Love & Hip: New York showcased her personality, making her a reality TV star between 2015 and 2017. Now, she’s a social media titan, boasting a jaw-dropping following across various platforms.

The Luxurious Life

2019 was a significant year for Cardi and her partner. They invested in a lavish mansion in Buckhead, Atlanta, snagging the property for $5.5 million, which was a steal from its initial $10 million listing in 2017.

Cardi’s financial journey is nothing short of inspiring. She debuted on Celebrity Net Worth in early 2016 with a worth of $400 thousand. Fast forward to 2022, and she’s at an astounding $80 million. It’s been a rapid climb with milestones like a net worth update to $1.5 million in early 2017, $22 million by late 2019, and doubling to $80 million by the end of 2022.

Success isn’t always a bed of roses. Recent online confrontations saw Cardi B expressing some deeply concerning sentiments, which led to Hip Hop legends like Ed Lover reaching out. His message? “Cardi, take your time, and get your mental right.”

While the rapper’s clash with online trolls made headlines, she later addressed her fans in an Instagram Live. She talked about her raw emotions, the pressures of fame, and her candid response to criticism. Though she deleted her unsettling tweets, her sister, Hennessy Carolina, was quick to jump to her defense.

Partners in Crime: Cardi and Offset

Beyond her individual success, Cardi B and her husband, Offset, have been making waves together. Recently, Cardi applauded Offset’s courageous move of leaving his label and charting his own path. Offset’s history with Quality Control Music, the legal battles, and his eventual shift to Capitol Records underscore his determination to shape his destiny.

Cardi, hinting at her next big move, ended a tweet with, “MY TURN.” What this entails remains a mystery, but fans are buzzing with excitement. With Cardi B’s impressive trajectory and her recent challenges, what awaits this superstar next?

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