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Pizza has flavor to fill our hearts and cheesiness to fill our stomachs. Here are some mouthwatering pizza memes to pay homage to the greasy goodness.

Totally cheesy: Devour these pizza memes and end the year right

Although 2020 was the worst year of our lives (for most of us), we managed to make it through. Everyone’s circumstances were different, but there was one constant in our lives: pizza. Whether we’re at our highest or at our lowest, pizza was always there for us and we think it’s about time we pay homage to the best food in the world.

Here’s our collection of pizza memes to help you remember the tasty food that’s been by our side all year long. Just beware, these memes might make you hungry and it’s a bad idea to stuff yourself with pizza before New Year’s dinner.

We’re watching you

We’re all about inclusion so we wouldn’t dare stigmatize people who love pineapple on pizza (or anchovies, even). This is a safe space and everyone should feel free to decide which pizza topping they prefer, zero judgment. That said, we think pineapple on pizza’s overrated anyway.

Quick, hand us a hammer

We wish we had emergency pizza everywhere. On the other side, everyone would be getting in trouble all the time for breaking the glass when there isn’t an emergency. . . Actually, not having pizza and wanting some should always count as an emergency.

Master Chef

Wow, this is hard to watch. Pizza is always a chill alternative for a date, but please don’t disrespect pizza like this.


We just hope 2021 brings everyone this kind of beautiful relationship. You deserve it!

Living the dream

Sometimes people will try to make fun of your clothes or decoration. Just remember: you don’t need to explain your taste to anyone and you can’t go wrong with pizza.


See? Rihanna can pull it off and you should too! If we had this dress, we’d definitely wear it for New Year’s dinner.

New Year’s resolutions

Some people feel motivated to begin new habits when a new year arrives. We’re all for making better diet choices, but this is the only way we’re cutting pizza.


This meme has layers – and we’re not just talking about the sauce & the cheese. Honestly, we’re just amazed at how creative people have gotten with this meme. We’d still eat it, though.

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