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Just a warning before you continue: the memes below were carefully selected by a chaotic neutral person. Here are some crazy food memes.

Feed your soul with these delicious and delightful food memes

Ok, maybe we lied a little. These are really food memes – but they’re not delightful. But on second thought, these memes might be delightful if you enjoy disastrous food . . . and they’re definitely deliciously funny. If anything, these memes are relatable.

Just a warning before you continue: the memes below were carefully selected by a chaotic neutral person. Shoutout to Reddit for making this meme thread possible.

Burger eats you

This meme has been all over the internet for years. We’ve seen it a thousand times, but this? This is just genius. His expression is flawless – it’s as if this picture was meant to be edited to create this masterpiece. It’s just so chef’s kiss.

Are we the only ones who feel like the burger’s also expressing something? It’s as if that burger was staring into our souls.

Bone app the teeth

There are a lot of interesting choices that led to this meme right here. Why white bread? Why four of them? Why the pan? We have more questions than answers.

Chef boy got it right. This had to be created by someone who’d lost his or her mind – that person isn’t afraid of God, and it shows.


Now that we spend most of our days at home, baking has become therapeutic for some. People who’ve been trying to make sourdough will definitely feel this meme is for them.

This meme is also for anyone who still watches Vine compilations on YouTube. We can hear this meme in our heads. Will we ever get over Vine? Probably not anytime soon.

But mommmm

One of the best things about adulting is choosing to ignore food you have at home and eat out instead. Remember when you had to pass by McDonald’s painfully without stopping, ‘cause there was food at home? Most likely, the grub at home was leftovers or that dish you hated the most. This meme brings back those sad memories.

Once again, this meme was brought to you by someone who’s definitely chaotic neutral. We apologize for any inconvenience or disorder this meme may result in.

Poor duck

Google Translate has definitely come a long way since its beginnings, but there are still some serious issues. We sincerely hope this meme was just a case of Google Translator not getting the meaning right.


We just want to have a bite of sandwich without everything falling apart. Is that too much to ask? All that time wasted trying to put the sandwich back together only to have it disintegrate in front of our eyes.

Why is it so hard to have the bread and the filling remain where they are? Eating a sandwich should not be such a constant struggle.

Bread sandwich

Okay, picture this: what if you made a sandwich – but inverted it completely? We all hate when the sandwich doesn’t have enough filling, so why not add the whole thing instead?

The person who made this meme definitely saw the last meme – it’s just the complete opposite. This is not the solution we wanted, but the solution we needed. Just imagine taking a bite of this sandwich. 

Go ahead, picture it.


Last but not least: the beesechurger. It’s like the bread sandwich – but better. And what is it about that effect that makes memes seem funnier? (There’s also a “dothog”, in case you were wondering.)

If the other memes didn’t feed your soul with love, we hope this one did. The beesechurger never fails to brighten our days. But we might have laughed at it way more than we should’ve.

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