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Every parent has a moment when they show off their child’s accomplishments on social media. Did North West paint that on Kim Kardashian's Instagram?

Kim Kardashian shows North’s art on Instagram: The best Twitter memes

Every parent has a moment when they show off their child’s accomplishments on social media. Kim Kardashian isn’t shy about showing off her children and ridiculous wealth. We don’t blame her. But can the Kardashian be seen as a pushy mom after her latest post on Instagram?

North West has been hitting the art supplies and her mom has been sharing her latest creation on IG. Of course, memes quickly followed. Let’s take a look. 

North West’s artwork

If you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian’s Instagram then here’s a refresher. Honestly? We’re not mad about it. North West clearly has a good art teacher because we don’t even know how to draw a straight line. The seven-year-old clearly takes after her father in the creative department. 

North Van Gogh

Starry Night and an original North West? We don’t see the difference! Clearly, North’s teacher is the late Vincent Van Gogh. 

Photograph or art?

Don’t try and trick us. This isn’t a photo of Alberta. This image is clearly what Kim Kardashian shared on Instagram and that’s an original North West. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated!

Has Kim transformed into Karen?

Clearly, memes about North West’s latest artwork aren’t appropriate. But surely it’s a compliment if people are questioning the authenticity? Perhaps this documentary on Amazon Prime should be in the Kardashian’s watchlist.

Back in our day . . .

We get it, back in our day we actually played outside (we were allowed to), but now all we can do is paint. Also, not everyone can afford an obviously expensive art teacher. 

Signed, sealed, and delivered

North West signed her painting and that actually looks like the work of a seven year old. Bob Ross is obviously an influence in this painting. 

TikTok gets involved

Wow, the controversy is spreading from Instagram to TikTok. The daughter of North West’s art teacher sets the record straight. Breaking news: North painted the painting. 

Mona Lisa?

Wow, who knew that the Mona Lisa was painted by an eight year old? We didn’t. This must mean Kim Kardashian’s child is a future da Vinci

More landscape art?

Kim Kardashian’s child North West is painting some beautiful landscapes. Monet would be proud. 

Price of perfection

Ouch, this actually appears painfully true. Did Kim Kardashian really go the extra mile to prove her child has talent? 

What do you think of North West’s painting on Instagram? Did she actually paint the oil painting? Let us know in the comments. 

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