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The OG 'Magic School Bus' was an American-Canadian animated series. Laugh at these painful memes about the new reboot.

Get nostalgic with these ‘Magic School Bus’ memes on Twitter

Who remembers when your teacher would wheel in one of the only two school-owned TVs into your classroom during a rainy day as they popped in a Magic School Bus VHS, likely to help them teach a lesson they were too incompetent to teach themselves. Sorry, that might’ve been a little harsh. As you can tell, we’re upset! We need some Magic School Bus memes as medicine ASAP. 

The OG Magic School Bus was an American-Canadian animated series that ran on PBS from 1994-1997. It was, dare we say . . . magical? That being said, we finally sat down to check out the 2017 Netflix reboot series, called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and let’s just say we’re less than impressed with some of the creative choices the reboot offered. Hopefully, the upcoming Elizabeth Banks-led live-action film does a better job. 

To help us in our anger, we’re on a mission alongside Ms. Frizzle to find some of the best Magic School Bus memes to help capture our nostalgic angst. So, without any more procrastination, here are some of the best Magic School Bus memes! 


Everything evolves . . . sadly, it’s not always for the better. 

Ms. Frizzle got hot

I get making changes to reinvent something, but why was it necessary to make Ms. Frizzle a babe?

Think of the children

It was always comedy gold when Kidz Bop did a cover of a rap song.

Frizzy, do you love me? 

The new Ms. Frizzle just might’ve been the best Drake has ever had. 

Class movie

Okay, but like . . . why did it always take our teacher so long to get the TV to turn on? It was like a plane pushing back. 


Yeah . . . this one is a bit gross. However, we did laugh, so maybe you will too!

Hey . . . Arnold? 

Pretty sure the OG Arnold died in outer space, anyway. Where’s that in this collection of Magic School Bus memes?  

Ms. Frizzle’s lesson plan

Look, if there’s one thing we do know it’s that Ms. Frizzle is for sure pro-LGBTQ+ rights. 

No-so-Magic School Bus

We now live in a world where even the Magic School Bus can get canceled. To be fair, why would they change the skin tones? They’re not part of the design.


So this is how Ms. Frizzle is able to carry all that guilt of taking her students on dangerous field trips.   

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