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A relationship advisor who cheats on his wife: that's the tale of Derrick Jaxn. Grab some popcorn and enjoy Twitter's reactions to his apology video!

Derrick Jaxn cheated on his wife and Twitter drags him: The best memes

You should never cheat on your spouse because that makes you a garbage human being. Now, cheating on your spouse when you make a living as a relationship advice guru . . .  that additionally makes you a terrible businessman. And then, dragging your poor wife in front of a camera so she can sit next to you on your public apology? Ah, that makes you Derrick Jaxn, my friends.

Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet, where no misdeed goes unexposed and no unexposed misdeed goes unmocked. Twitter is roasting Derrick Jaxn like there’s no tomorrow, and once you watch the video below you’ll understand why.

Yes, Derrick Jaxn refers to himself in the third person, because obviously he didn’t think he looked bad enough yet. Anyway, enjoy a collection of hilarious Twitter reactions!

Get in line

Unemployment is no joke, especially in these COVID times. But we can all make an exception and laugh at Derrick Jaxn’s empire potentially crumbling.


Gotta give Derrick Jaxn this: he certainly knows how to make the most of his time.

Holy father

We know Derrick Jaxn claims to believe in God. Does he believe in karma though?


It takes talent – and next-level shadiness – to be the hero & the villain in your own true crime story. It’s a plot twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

Baby please

Sure, Derrick Jaxn’s apology video is mesmerizing. But we imagine the conversations before and after the video was shot must have been even more fascinating.


We just hope she has a prenup ready to go.

Lawyer up

The People vs. Derrick Jaxn is such an open-and-shut case, even the lawyer cat could handle it over Zoom.

Mind blown

Wait, so Derrick Jaxn wasn’t good at multitasking? He was just good at pretending to have a healthy marriage?

Makes sense

Okay, we get it now. Derrick Jaxn is just good at self-preservation. Although that last video may have gone too far.

Business 101

The idea behind being a criminal is that your success is dependent on not getting caught. So, in a way, it’s not like Derrick Jaxn was reinventing the wheel here.

October 31st

Make it a couples costume to add extra punch.

Musical finale

Oh, man, we love the internet. We hate it too, but in times like these, we love it.

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