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'Fearless' reminded fans of old drama between Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, but Sophie Turner proved there's no bad blood. Check out the memes here.

Watch out Joe Jonas: All the memes proving Sophie Turner is a Swiftie

With the arrival of the new re-release of Taylor Swift’s Fearless album came a wave of nostalgia & excitement from long-time loyal fans that have stuck by Taylor’s side for over a decade. However, Swifties also couldn’t help but remember everything that made up the Fearless era, including all the old relationship drama with Joe Jonas. 

While Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift have made up long ago and have gone their separate ways, with Taylor boo’d up with Joe Alwyn and Mr. Jonas married to Sophie Turner, fans couldn’t help but throw in a few jokes over the situation. It also seems there’s no bad blood between the two as Sophie Turner even showed her support over Taylor’s new song “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, a song very obviously about Joe Jonas. 

Without further ado, check out the best lighthearted memes over the Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner situation here. 

The girls supporting one another 

When Taylor first dropped “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, fans knew immediately that it was a song she had written for the famous Jonas brother long ago when they still had relationship drama. However, Sophie Turner had to admit that she even loved the song written about Joe Jonas in a loving Instagram story. 

What’s even better is that Taylor even responded back to Sophie’s compliment and returned the love. We love seeing women supporting women! 

Sophie jamming along

With Sophie Turner coming out as a fellow Swiftie, fans couldn’t help but make all the jokes about her jamming out to the music that threw shots at her husband Joe Jonas. 

Taylor & Sophie vs. Joe

Sophie Turner teaming up with Taylor Swift instead of Joe Jonas. We love to see it. 

Joe hearing Sophie listening to “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

It’s all just fun & jokes now, but we gotta admit we’re all wondering if Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner are currently jamming out to Taylor’s new album right now together. 

“Mr. Perfectly Fine”

Sorry, Joe. Your wife loves “Mr. Perfectly Fine”. 

After every argument

This one’s hilarious. We can just imagine Sophie Turner blasting “Mr. Perfectly Fine” after every single argument with Joe Jonas

Joe is sick of it

At this point, we can just imagine Sophie Turner blasting the entirety of the re-release of Fearless while Joe Jonas sits in the next room. 

Between him & God

Sophie Turner knows what’s up. 

We love Sophie

This is a perfect depiction of what’s probably going on in the Jonas/Turner household right now. 

Swiftie first, wife to Joe Jonas second

And she’s absolutely right!

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