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Taylor Swift just dropped another never-before-heard song before the re-release of her 'Fearless' album. Is old drama now brewing? Find out here.

Is Taylor Swift starting drama with her re-release of the ‘Fearless’ album?

When Taylor Swift first announced to Swifties everywhere that she wasn’t just dropping a re-release of her 2008 hit Fearless album along with six other of her past albums, but that the pop singer was also releasing six never-before-released “From the Vault” songs along with Fearless that is set to drop this Friday, fans went absolutely crazy. Just what more could we ask from her? 

Although Taylor Swift will be releasing album after album and bringing back all the good ol’ nostalgia for us, we can’t help but remember which songs are for who as she begins to release her “From the Vault” songs. When she released a new song today, “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, fans were quick to conclude the song was definitely about her ex Joe Jonas. Let’s take a look at some old 2000s drama all over again. 

Calling out Joe Jonas

With the albums folklore and evermore released last year being mainly based on fictional stories invented by Taylor and the album’s co-writers (that is, according to the star herself), not all of Taylor’s past works can say the same. In fact, Taylor quite literally has a brand for making it pretty clear which songs are about who, whether it’s a romantic love song or an angry break-up anthem. 

Even if Taylor Swift rarely ever outright announces who each of her past songs are for, Swifties are usually always powerful enough to connect the dots and draw their own conclusions. Of course, it always helps that Taylor Swift loves to leave easter eggs or big clues for her fans. Just today, Taylor Swift surprised fans with another new song off the upcoming re-release of the Fearless album: “Mr. Perfectly Fine”. 

Swifties all around the world were going crazy not just because they were gifted with a brand new amazing single, but also because they speculated that the song was created for a special someone, more specifically Taylor Swift’s boyfriend from over a decade ago, Mr. Joe Jonas. 

Taylor & Joe

Long before the days where Taylor Swift met her one and only Joe Alwyn, there was another Joe that inspired a past album of hers. The pop star had already specified that the new “Under the Vault” songs were songs that she had also written in the Fearless era, and if you were a Swiftie back in the 2000s, you’re bound to remember that Joe Jonas inspired most of the songs off of Fearless

Could “Mr. Perfectly Fine” really be about Joe Jonas? Fans say they’re almost positive it is. Even Taylor Swift mentioned that she would have to bring up some old drama again thanks to the re-release of the album. The star tweeted: “Me in 2020: life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up. My 2008 music from the vault, in a goblin voice: ‘REELEEEEEEASE MR PERFECTLY FIIIIIIINE’”.

After the song’s release, the lyrics were immediately analyzed by fans. One brought up an old interview of Joe Jonas where he talked about a “change of heart” in relationships, and compared it to her lyrics “Mr. Change of heart”. Twitter user @emilyhbeatty wrote: “i want nothing more than to watch joe jonas watch sophie turner listen to the re recorded version of fearless this friday. i just feel like that would be a good time”. 

No bad blood though

While the Fearless album mainly consists of songs about the rise and fall of Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas as a couple, it’s important to remember that their relationship was over a decade ago and we’re sure the stars have nothing but love for one another now. Sophie Turner, Joe’s wife, even posted that she was listening to Taylor’s song and wrote: “it’s not NOT a bop” in support of the pop star. 

Taylor even reposted Sophie’s comment on her Instagram story and responded with: “forever bending my knee for the 👑 of the north”. Through this, it’s clear that there’s thankfully no bad blood between Taylor and Joe Jonas. After all, Sophie Turner even admitted she’s jamming out to “Mr. Perfectly Fine” just like the rest of us!

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