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Admit it! You're reading this in bed, and it's currently 3 AM. Since you can't get back to sleep, at least laugh at these memes while you're up.

Have insomnia? Remember what it’s like to sleep with these memes

If you also struggle with sleeping problems, then we’re sure you know just how amazing it must feel when you occasionally get just one good night of sleep every once in a while. If you suffer from insomnia or bad sleep issues, then we’re here to remind you you’re definitely far from alone. 

If you want to feel heard and also have a good chuckle, check out some super hilarious and relatable sleep memes we’ve gathered here. Enjoy!

No sleep

These memes definitely help make us feel less lonely about just how hard it can be to fall asleep at night. 

That annoying alarm

Yes, we’ve all definitely been there before. 

Do we really have to go to work? 

The worst part of having bad sleeping problems are those times when you finally, finally, finally fall asleep, but it happens to be right before you need to wake up. Life is truly unfair. 

Counting the hours

These memes really do remind us just how little sleep we get each night. 

Last night? 

Michael Scott is always relatable. 

A lack of sleep

Don’t even ask how the previous night went for us anymore at this point. 

Going to the doctors

The sleep memes are all fun and games until your doctor starts getting concerned. 

Being up early

Here’s to pretending we’re early birds when in reality, we just can’t fall asleep at night. 

The importance of sleep

Jokes aside, we really do hope you all get some very good sleep

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