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YouTube is a treasure trove of amazing content, from makeup tutorials to graduate-level lectures. Check out these funny videos.

Don’t worry, be happy: Watch these funny videos on YouTube

It seems the conversation surrounding self-love and positive coping techniques for daily life has never been louder; the whirlwind of psychological terror sweeping up most people over the past year has created new avenues for different forms of mental health management.

Many people have taken to self-care routines outlined on Instagram with skincare, meditation, and mindfulness to help combat anxiety & depression caused or underscored by the perpetual uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Others stick to the tried & true coping methods: sugar, drugs, and booze. However, many are meeting in the middle of productive & damaging techniques by binging joy-inducing content. Streaming giants like Netflix & Hulu come to mind when we want to see some funny stuff, but streaming fans too often forget the little site that made streaming blow up on a massive scale: YouTube.

YouTube is a treasure trove of amazing content, from makeup tutorials to graduate-level lectures. However, millennials remember a time when videos were capped at ten minutes, and when YouTube seemed like the funniest place online. We’ve compiled our favorite funny videos on YouTube to help numb the pain of 2021.

Not today, motherf*cker!

Back in the day, YouTube was all about finding funny “random” vids to share with your friends. To our amazement, a lot of O.G. YouTube content is still on the site with their original upload dates from YouTube’s early days over a decade ago.

“Not Today, Motherf*cker” is not only a classic, but also one of the best funny videos on YouTube, clocking in at under ten seconds, and uploaded fifteen years ago in 2006. “A UFO tried to kill me, so I shot it”: the description says it all.

11Foot8 compilation

In the depths of YouTube, you’ll find a lot of public works fails; there’s a huge base of people who love funny Youtube videos of botched demolitions, improperly placed signage, and of course, bridge fails. captures the best fails from one of the most crashed-into bridges in the U.S..

There are tons of funny videos on YouTube capturing trucks getting their tops shaved off by the legendary Durham, NC bridge featured in 11foot8 videos, but this compilation has it all. Best of all, these funny videos on YouTube are all wholesome fun; the only thing hurt in these bridge fails is the drivers’ wallets.

Ed Hardy boyz

Before Big Mouth & Kroll Show wooed audiences with gut-busting laughs, Nick Kroll and frequent collaborator Jon Daly made videos featuring their iconic characters Bobby Bottleservice & Peter Paparazzo on the legendary comedy site Funny or Die.

Lucky for us, YouTube still features Kroll’s earlier efforts at sketch comedy, and 2013’s “The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle” gives the gift of the early incarnation of some of our favorite characters. Ed Hardy gives our boys instructions for a special mission on a T-Mobile Sidekick: need we say more?

Jim Carrey at the Globes

We leave you with a funny video on YouTube from one of everyone’s favorite comedians, the legend Jim Carrey. YouTube features plenty of clips from our favorite comedians, and among a seemingly endless string of stand-up bits & interviews, we sometimes find gems like the one shown here, Carrey’s presentation speech at the 2016 Golden Globes.

Carrey is a critic of the cult of Hollywood, something articulated in his recent novel and several interviews since his superstardom peaked in the 90s, and this clip hilariously roasts the culture of the elite so praised in ceremonies like the Golden Globes to the cult’s face. We love a fearless upfront troll, and Carrey nails it in this, one of our favorite funny videos on YouTube.

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