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Halfway through the week, funny work memes might be the only thing to keep you trucking along to the weekend. Take a break and enjoy this collection!

Sick of your 9-5? Laugh off the stress with these funny work memes

We’re right in the middle of the week, which is when you need funny work memes the most. Why? Because you’ve had two days of exhausting productivity and still have two more brutal days ahead of you. This is where the weak break. This is where you can tell the adults from the children. This is where funny work memes can save your life.

So yeah, you’re welcome – and enjoy!

Morning, sunshine!

It happens to the best of us, especially when the best of us also happen to be the best at staying up late playing Mario Kart 8.

It’s called multitasking

Don Draper was the best ad-man who ever lived and he was big on work naps. If that isn’t the best argument for catching a few Zs at work, we don’t know what is.

Onesies allowed

We all knew work attire was going to undergo severe changes the moment most people switched to remote work. And don’t even try to tell us that people on Zoom calls are wearing pants because we won’t buy it.

Quarantine lifestyle

Not that most of us ever looked like Thor on his best day, but there’s certainly been an equalizing factor due to the global quarantines. Thanks for lowering the average, COVID-19!

Just looking for our Wilson

Back to Zoom calls: what a nightmare, huh? Especially for those of us who are suffering from lock-down haircuts (or lack thereof) and may have given up on looking halfway decent. Of course, these calls have also produced some funny work memes so we shouldn’t complain too much.


Look, we’re not here to throw you in the middle of an existential crisis. We’re here to encourage you to whip up a side hustle as a social media influencer yourself.

That 70s ennui

Sometimes funny work memes just cut straight into your soul. You start laughing, then realize you’re as miserable as Red Forman, then . . . oh boy. Maybe you should move on and look for more memes.

Not today, Karen

Every now and then, work provides a little bit of satisfaction. If you have the power to draw the line and tell an entitled customer to pump the brakes, then you can maybe fool yourself into thinking it’s all worth it.

Wrap it up, fuzzball

We’re all familiar with this situation: having to do extra work because the office’s try-hard wants to suck-up to the boss for a little longer. We’ve all given this look. And if you’ve been given this look, then you need to stop.

How meta

Funny work memes can help you preserve your sanity! You’re reading this from work, aren’t you?

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