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Shock! Horror! Who will win in the Fall vs the Delta variant showdown? Go through these hilarious memes to see who people think the winner is.

Did the Delta Variant cancel your fall plans? These memes explain why

COVID continues to be an issue. Stop listening to everyone talking about that “post-pandemic” lifestyle. Keep wearing your masks. Use the hand sanitizer. Beware the delta variant strain of COVID. But, well, since most unvaccinated people are still not getting vaccinated and are not taking necessary safety precautions, things are continuing to get a bit out of hand.

And for those of us who were hoping that 2021 will be a return to normalcy, get the shock of having to stay tucked away in our homes. Again. Will there be a new lockdown? Probably. So, naturally, there’s a new meme about it. Because what more can we do against the bleakness of reality than laugh at it? 


Turn up that shock factor

Well, that’s dark.



How does Dakota Johnson feel about that comparison?





Oh no . . . 

We’re not gonna to have Halloween again, are we? 


Good job, Twilight

Okay. This wins.


Wait . . . 

Is that the guy who literally exploded a bird with a baseball?!



People are really killing it with this meme, huh?



Wow, Game of Thrones, there may be more use for yet.


Upping that shock factor again! 

Does anyone still remember My Girl


Oh no

Aw. We made ourselves sad.

Remember to mask, vaccinate, wash your hands, and try to keep yourself & others safe from the delta variant! 

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