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Looks like the DaBaby is celebrating the release of his upcoming new album with a sweet tooth! But at what cost? Check out these hilarious memes.

Is DaBaby creating a new album? These memes show he’s skipping math

Excited for the upcoming release of his new album, DaBaby seems to be indulging himself in the sweets of life! But at what cost? Of course, we are kidding, poking fun at the hilarious Instagram video of two young teenagers who attempted to sell DaBaby a box of Skittles for $200. While some celebrities may have sought a viral moment and paid up, DaBaby ended up paying for a single bag for a mere $2.

We’re not judging, and are actually quite excited about DaBaby’s upcoming new album. But come on, you’ve been on like every award show this past year, DaBaby. We’re certain you could have paid up! So, naturally there’s a slew of memes and gifs out there to poke fun at DaBaby’s cheapness. Care to take a look with us before the release of his new album? 

Young scammers

Check out the original video first

Crews control

DaBaby might have to increase the $ of his new album if he pays $200 for some damn candy. 

Can’t hustle DaBaby

Don’t f@^# with his net worth

Get on the floor

DaBaby didn’t have the panic attack that we’re assuming the rest of us would have. 

Lost memo

We’re sorry . . . are we really about to cancel DaBaby for not spending $200 on Skittles? Or are we missing something?

“Footsteps of giants”

We wonder if this will affect the sales of his new album.  

The rumor Mill

At least Meek Mill has Robert Kraft on his side


Can Lady Gaga sing a rendition of “Shallow” on DaBaby’s new album? It is a shallow move, after all. 


We hear Johnny Depp tips well!

“Best we can do is $2”

DaBaby should name his next album “Pawn”. 

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