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We're sorry. DaBaby is actually being compared to Ludacris? That opinion is, well, Ludacris! Let's see what Twitter memes have to say about this.

Is DaBaby really this generation’s Ludacris? Twitter answers with memes

Lil Duval is in some serious hot water after launching a debate on Twitter, claiming that DaBaby is this generation’s Ludacris. Movie roles and television appearances aside, is it really fair to assume that the baby is this generation’s Ludicrous? Unlikely, and a bunch of memes on Twitter seem to the side with that opinion.

One good year of music is not fair compensation for over two decades worth of bangers, not to mention the slew of television hosting gigs as well as countless appearances on Now! That’s What I Call Music CDs to boot. DaBaby is going to have to keep this streak going for at least another decade before we can consider him as “the next Ludacris”. But please, don’t take our word for it; check out the best DaBaby memes that prove it!


Twitter seems to not be fond of this comparison. Oh well . . . let DaBaby memes roll on! 

Da f^#%?

Luda is not shouting “Yeah” to this notion. 

The Red Light District

Album covers were a different breed back then, right? 

Lean on me

Just not Ludacris’s career. Stop it now, DaDaby memes. 

Vintage Luda

You know . . . We can’t even remember the last time we saw Ludacris with hair that long. 

Beautiful nightmare

DaBaby fans are going to run with this for the months to come. 


Fists are beginning to clinch hard for fans of Luda. Thanks alot, DaBaby memes. 


Where does DaBaby fall? 

Wrong move

Maybe DaBaby was that “B!+@%” Ludacris was talking about all those years ago . . . 

Choose one

We wonder which one DaBaby would pick?

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