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Too nervous to pour your heart out to your crush? We've got you covered. Here are the best memes to send to that special someone that speak for themselves.

Win their heart the right way: The best memes to send your crush

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to send some funny & romantic memes to your crush? 

Memes are a great way to break the ice with your crush and give way to some interesting conversations. Plus, if your crush ends up enjoying the memes you shared, it could possibly mean you both share the same sense of humor, leading to one less thing to worry about in a budding romance. 

When words aren’t enough to express your feelings with your crush, hearty memes are here to rescue. Get rid of any potential awkwardness and showcase your sparkling personality with memes. So what are you waiting for? Send some memes to your crush! Here are some of our faves. 

Serotonin-boosting notification 

You know what we’re talking about right? When that weird warmth takes over your body and a cheesy grin lights up your face when you notice your crush has responded to your texts

Unconditional love

Aww, who even said bottling up your feelings would ever help anything in life? Shower your crush with all your affection, let love take over!


Where do men like this exist? We’d like some, please!

Love is an equation 

To all you math geniuses out there, this one’s for you! Ask your crush for some Netflix & chill time with this not-so-subtle math meme.

Love is motivation

Nothing’s more motivating than someone’s crush wishing them luck! 

Flirting 101

Who doesn’t become a different person when they’re flirting with their crush

Clingy AF

Send this meme to your crush when you’re feeling overly clingy towards them.

In sickness & health

True love right there!

Classic confession

There’s not a better way to confess your love than going classic Whitney Houston on your crush. 

Key to your crush’s heart 

Use our meme collection to become a meme expert and bond over your shared love for memes with your crush.

Send these memes to your crush and impress them this Valentine’s Day – we’re rooting for you!

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