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The behavior habits observed between men and women in the field of gambling are indeed different. Let's dive into the details.

Men vs. Women: Who Is More Gambling?

The habits of men and women are different. Despite the fact that experts have denied many stereotypes. In the field of gambling, studies have been conducted that have shown differences in the behavior of both women and men.

The behavior habits observed between men and women in the field of gambling are indeed different, but this is due to many biases. They have nothing to do with gambling offers, since the main purpose of gambling sites is not to attract representatives of a male or female audience to the game. On the contrary, now they offer a fairly large number of all kinds of functions and options for people of both different nationalities and different genders.

The only nuance that you can pay attention to is the theme of slot machines. For players from the UK, we recommend a more detailed look at the list of gambling sites not on GamStop. But here, too, everything is quite individual, as there are women who like to play at Casinos. And it is possible that men cannot but like cute pandas. But, despite all this, during the research, some behavioral differences were identified.

Key differences

In the process of studies that were conducted in the USA and UK, it was found that only 18% of women are involved in gambling. Several factors are associated with this:

  1. First of all, girls are not prone to frequent risks, and also often they are the ones who are faced with such a phenomenon as lack of time. For men, on the contrary, the motive prevails in earning quick money through gambling.
  2. In addition, it was noticed that the average rates of men are much higher than that of women. This is due to the fact that most of the beautiful half of humanity prefers to spend finances on more pleasant entertainment.
  3. In terms of gender, differences also arise in the age category. Among the strong half, the main category of players is men, whose age is slightly beyond the age of 30. Among women, mostly those who are 40 years old and above play. Among young people, there is approximately the same percentage of those who prefer a gambling pastime.
  4. In the process of psychological research, it was noticed that a huge number of women begin to get involved in gambling only in order to escape from reality, stress and loneliness. Therefore, it can be argued that women do not consider gambling as an income.

Places for gambling entertainment

There is a great responsibility on the part of women, as they prefer to play at home or on their way to work, occasionally interrupting for popular women’s magazines. About 13% of males admitted to gambling directly at work, while dreaming about visiting real elite casinos in Las Vegas or Macau. But, despite this, both women and men prefer to use computer versions of entertainment.

Game preferences

Considering the most popular types of gambling, it is worth paying attention to the fact that men prefer to spend time playing cards or bet on sports, and women, despite the fact that in general there are fewer risks in life for men, they like to play bingo or roulette. It is believed that the involvement of women in a certain type of gambling depends on the topic used.

Paying attention to what is the gender of a person, many gambling resources try to use specific components.

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Compared to women, men spend much more on gambling, as they consider it as income. This just indicates why among the fairer sex gambling addicts are by an order of magnitude less than among men.

According to the research results of it was found:

  • men are 2 times more likely to be addicted to gambling;
  • they are more likely to suffer from manifestations of subclinical behavior.

They can experience great stress if they lose a huge amount of money that cannot be returned, or they try to earn even more immediately after the first big win. This is due to the compulsive nature of men and the propensity to take risks.

Women are more effective in terms of “problem” gambling. Despite all this, addiction to games is a real challenge for everyone. But a man is not always ready to ask for help and admit his own defeat. Therefore, sometimes you can make an allowance for the fact that statistics are not always 100% right.

Time allotted for gaming

When calculating the time spent on gambling, it was found that during the life of a man it takes about 14 hours, and for a woman about 21 hours. But this is due to the fact that the average life expectancy in women is higher than that of the stronger sex.

And it is not surprising that many men consider gambling as an integral part of their current daily life. On the contrary, women prefer other more exciting activities and entertainment.


It is worth noting that there are a number of stereotypes in this issue that no one pays attention to:

  • One of them is that many believe that men play better than women. In practice, you can find a large number of the fairer sex who have achieved stunning results.
  • An equally weighty stereotype is the one when everyone is confident that men are mainly addicted to video games. But, as practice shows, recently this figure has dropped significantly.


Gambling is an area on which the gender of a person leaves its mark. Women try to have fun with the help of gambling, and men try to make money.

There are conceptual differences in gender-specific preferences. This also applies to age and gender, and the amount of time spent at the slot machine. Due to the concentration of their own attention on the final result, men more often than women develop gambling addiction. If they hide this problem, it will take root even more.

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