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Boyfriends: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Roast your boyfriend with these hilarious memes.

Annoyed with your boyfriend? Roast him for his sins with these memes

Boyfriends: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Sometimes they really get on your nerves, but we want them around anyway. Ever wondered if the appropriate response to your boyfriend grievances is to express yourself through memes? Here are the perfect memes to roast your BF for his sins. 


Have you ever gotten the sense your BF isn’t appreciating you quite as much as he should? We have the perfect meme for that situation. Send this to your beau, and chances are he’ll think twice before taking you for granted again! 

Slow texter

It’s hard to think of anything that’s quite as annoying as a boyfriend who’s a slow texter. But when you’re really crazy about your boo, even one minute (or no minutes) can feel like an insanely slow wait-time. This meme perfectly encapsulates the agonizing feeling of waiting for that text . . . 

Expectations vs. reality

You know when girls make it seem like their boyfriends are “all that and a pack of crackers”, (as the saying goes), and they’re really just like . . . some guy? Well, this is one of those memes perfectly encapsulating that moment. And, if you send it to your BF, you get the added bonus of him wondering if that’s how people perceive him . . . 

Not-so funny boyfriend

If you’ve ever had a boyfriend, you know that sometimes their humor can drive you up. The. Wall. This meme is of one of Queen Elizabeth’s classic “not impressed” expressions perfectly reacting to those moments where your boyfriend thinks he’s being funny, but you beg to differ. Send this meme to your BF to make him a little insecure about his sense of humor . . .

I love trash

This meme is not for the weak of heart. But if you have the kind of relationship with your guy where no roast is off limits, push send on this one. It’ll definitely be the cause for some laughs . . . 

Your boyfriend or Rutherford B Hayes?

This meme starts off with all of the annoying things that our boyfriends do, (being a bad texter, growing out that beard just a little too long), and ends with some qualities of former President Rutherford B. Hayes. This niche meme is guaranteed to get a laugh out of you and your BF, and, hey, maybe he’ll think twice before ignoring your next text.

Roast match

The perfect relationship has both parties roasting the other an equal amount. It’s only healthy! This meme emphasizes that feeling of roasting someone who’s ready to just roast ya right back.

Questionable photography skills

For some reason, finding a man who takes good pics of his lady is hard. This meme basically sums up that reality with two hilariously different photos juxtaposed by one another. Send this to your BF if you’re fed up with his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to taking your pic.

Lettuce bouquet?

Finally, we have a meme that’s the perfect mix of hilarious & adorable. This well-intended boyfriend bought his girlfriend lettuce thinking it was a bouquet of flowers. Send this to your BF if he has a history of kind, but hilariously misplaced gift buying.

If you’re in a really solid relationship, you’ll know one of the best ways to someone’s heart is through roasts. So pick some of these memes and get a text prepared for your boo – we promise it’ll be worth the laughs! 

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