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Does April Fools Day take you out of your comfort zone just a bit? Laugh with us with these April Fools Day memes so that we can suffer together!

Do you hate April Fools day? Laugh and cry at these painful memes

April Fools Day. Some like it, others hate it. It takes a special kind of person to pull off an epic prank. That being said, it also takes a special kind of person to take April Fools Day seriously at all! 

While we’re likely to avoid giving you any false headlines out of the tradition of April Fools Day, we will, however, present you with some of the funnier April Fools Day memes that we’ve come across on this beautiful day; or, for some of you . . . snow day? 

Check out these April Fools memes that are sure to spare you from the anxieties of hiding from a cruel prank by friends & family. 

Selena the series

By “series” we mean a series of tears for this annoying holiday. F#@% April Fools Day!

We don’t get it

So you weren’t actually Agatha? 

Zack Snyder’s Jussie’s League

Not a Daily Wire fan, but this is just too good

Maybe someday, kids

Why does that store-bought brownie low-key look like Thanos’s infinity gauntlet? 

Like a boss

Is aunt Becky now the final boss given her college admission scandal

Animation station

Pixar presents Game of Thrones.

The A-Team presents a C-joke

Mr. T is all over these April Fools day memes! 

In-Dwayne in the membrane

Dwayne Johnson is taking these April Fools memes to a hole other level. See what we did there? 

That awkward moment

Let’s not forget he was also about to take advantage of a mute mermaid. #CancelEric

Too good

Danny Devito Twins the battle of best April Fools Day memes. Ah, snap, we did it again! 

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