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The five-man band from Homel, Belarus Flame of Life has released a new album, 'Red Sunset', and it’s everything our eclectic hearts need in the new year. Read more
Actor Lee Pace has promoted LGBTQI acceptance. Can we all just quantum leap to a future where actors don’t need to be questioned about their sexuality? Read more
We’ve lovingly put together this list of fake music videos while inadvertently throwing eleven more pop culture earworms back into your head. Read more
Film Daily has teamed up with Evolution VN to pinpoint the most bang-for-your-buck workouts. Here's how you bingewatchers can get into shape. Read more
'The Unity Ride' documentary film follows cyclists Jonathan Williams and Andre Block, who embarked on a 2,700-mile journey. Here's what we know. Read more
You can always find a way to get in shape without being in a gym. Here's how bingewatchers can benefit from at-home fitness. Read more
We got the scoop on the most natural facelift in Hollywood, and it doesn’t even require a dermatologist or aesthetician. Here’s the new 'Facial Magic'. Read more
You also can appreciate the best online gambling club games from your comfortable home in Canada. Here's the best online club in Canada 2020. Read more
Celebrity stylist Luminita Blosenco sits down to discuss her creative process, her love for art, and the wisdom she’s cultivated on her journey. Read more
We take a look at the best Novomatic casino and how players can best benefit from playing at exciting sites such as these. Read more
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