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Looking for the perfect climate to retire or a place to live for a while? Discover la dolce vita and savor everything the Italian way of life has to offer.

Learning the Italian Way of Life

La Dolce Vita or the sweet life is the Italian way of life which has people from all over the world thronging Italy. It is a leisurely life which does not compromise on glamour. All aspects of La Dolce Vita are known for being luxurious and beautiful to look at. Be it food, fashion, or art, Italy is known for all things fine and luxurious. This is why a huge chunk of people from around the world retire to Italy every year. Italy is among the countries with the highest number of expats coming settling down permanently on a yearly basis. Read on to find out why this country has become a haven for retired people from around the world and why retiring to Italy remains a long cherished dream for many people. By the time you reach the end of this article, you might be tempted to pack your bags and make a move to Italy to enjoy your retirement in peace.

Why Pick the Italian Way of Life?

  • The Balmy Weather

Italian life is slow and leisurely. The balmy Mediterranean weather contributes to this slow pace of life. People prefer to take their time with things as the weather is very pleasant for the most part of the year. This makes it easier to live a relaxed, retired life in Italy. 

  • The Delicious Food 

Most Italian kitchens run on the farm to table philosophy of food. The food is the freshest it can be. This, in turn, helps people in staying fitter and healthier. Having access to high quality food adds to a high quality of life. So, a huge number of expats retire to Italy every year to enjoy the best of the high life that this country has to offer. 

  • The Abundant Cultural Wealth 

Italy is well known for its depth of culture and rich history. Every corner of Italy is home to precious pieces of history which have to be experienced in person. The art and architecture of Italy is majestic and people can spend hours and hours studying it. People who retire to Italy can afford to have the time to explore these cultural artifacts. This is the main reason why a lot of people move to Italy and spend their retirement soaking in the culture and history of Italy. 

  • The High Quality of Life 

Italy is amongst the countries with the higher life expectancy. High life expectancy, good health care facilities and low crime rate makes Italy one of the most comfortable places. So it is no surprise that so many people from around the world retire to Italy and live their best life during their retirement. 

  • The Opulent Fashion 

Some of the best fashion in the world is created in Italy. Admirers and enthusiasts of fashion and style always keep Italy on their lits of places to look out for while scouting for the latest in the fashion world. Even when such fashion admirers retire, they do not want to spend their life away from fashion. So, they choose to retire to Italy. 

No matter your area of interest, Italy has something for everyone. The diversity in terrain, foods, and cultural artifacts attracts tourists from all around the world. Often these tourists fall in love with Italy and want to spend their life in leisure here. These are the people who retire to Italy.

To Conclude 

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. So it is no surprise that many of these tourists decide to stay in Italy for the long haul and even spend their entire retired life here. The hassles of moving does not seem like much when compared to the advantages of living in Italy. The various bounties of the country including the long coastline, beautiful weather, amazing produce and rich cultural history just entices people to stay in Italy forever no matter where their home country is. 

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