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Here are some of our favorite memes that have come from one of everyone’s favorite new trash reality TV shows, 'Too Hot to Handle'. Read more
Leading the charge in the Thai BL industry is 'WHY RU?' the series. What does 'WHY RU?' have in store for Tutor & Fighter? Let's find out. Read more
Some serial killers are more notorious than others, but that doesn’t make them any less monstrous. Here's what we know about Marvin Gray. Read more
How on Earth, you may be asking, is a man who flaunts his crime not in jail? Here's everything we know about cannibal Issei Sagawa. Read more
It used to be that the only definition of the word cult was a religious system considered to be strange or sinister. Here's some modern-day cults. Read more
The death of Rebecca Zahau was a bewildering one. Here is some background and baffling details on the entire horrible incident. Read more
Serial killer Bobby Joe Long operated for three years in 1980s Florida as the “Classified Ad Rapist”. Here's everything you need to know. Read more
If you’ve been tangentially involved with the true crime community, then you’ve probably heard of the “Smiley face killers”. Here's what we know. Read more
If you’re a person who needs motivation to get you up and going, then we have some pretty motivating workout quotes. Here's the best workout quotes. Read more
Isolation is officially boring. Do you need a good laugh? Here are some of our favorite 'Tiger King' memes to help during quarantine. Read more
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