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Compactus Shelving – The Secret to Having an Organized Lab

Untidy lab space? Compactus shelving systems are here to help!

An untidy lab is not a successful lab but staying organized isn’t impossible

An unorganized lab isn’t just unpleasant, it can also be hazardous. Things like lab equipment or data files in the wrong place can cause accidents, or simply hold workers back from being as productive as possible.

Studies show that people perform better when their environment is clean and organized. But without an efficient shelving and organization system, it’s incredibly easy for lab space to quickly become untidy, without fault to anyone in particular. 

Not all shelves and storage space are equal when it comes to efficiency and durability. But one shelving system, in particular, is setting it’s apart from the rest. 

What is Compactus shelving? 

Compactus shelving is an innovative filing system, custom-made to help improve lab space. Each Compactus shelf comes with a number of storage boxes, that are neatly displayed vertically for easy access and direction. This system is unique in the fact that it comes with the ability to expand or contract, via a hidden motor system.

These shelving units are perfect for labs that need large storage solutions but can also function great on a smaller scale. 

Things to consider when choosing the right storage system for your lab

A high-quality shelving system should tick a few crucial boxes. When deciding on which storage system is right for your lab space, you should consider a few of those crucial things. 

What will you be storing? How often will workers be needing access to stored materials? How important is security when it comes to items stored? How large is your available space for storage? Could a motorized or mechanically movable shelf system be beneficial?

Each lab will require different key elements for storage and filing purposes, so when deciding on a storage system, thoroughly check all aspects of functionality. 

What’s so special about Compactus?

Let’s dive into a few key features that set Compactus apart from other styles of shelving units.

It’s secure

Sometimes you need to store sensitive information or need to restrict access to certain materials or items. When this is the case, it’s best to have a filing system that includes a lock and key. Compactus does. 

It saves space

One of Compactus’ best-selling features is its ability to expand or contract shelving units with the touch of a button (or the crank of a lever), allowing even the heaviest loaded shelves to be moved with ease.

The shelves are moved via tracks in a lab floor, that can be permanently installed or placed temporarily onto a base. When a lever is cracked or a touchpad computer system activated, the shelves glide across the tracks, neatly tucking away shelves that aren’t needed, saving tons of space in the process. 

It’s customizable

While aesthetics might not be number one on the list for important aspects of a high functioning lab, colors and appearances are important. Aside from creating a put-together feel or matching with school or company colors, customizing colors and textures can be extremely useful. 

Customized storage units by color-coding can help take the organization to a whole new level. Compactus units allow for exactly that level of unique customization. 

Is Compactus for all labs?

While these new innovative filing systems are changing the way in which labs operate, they might not be the best system when it comes to certain aspects. Compactus shelves aren’t meant to be used for dangerous chemicals. It’s best to look for specific safety storage containers for such potentially dangerous materials. 

Instead, Compactus is great for things that need a more systemic style of storage. And when it comes to labs, the list of things that require such a style of filing goes on and on. 

Things like files and data, tools, and equipment (hot plates, burners, glass sets), cleaning supplies, safety equipment like glasses, suits, and goggles. You get the idea. 

Compactus can work great in all kinds of labs, but you should fully understand its use in certain situations.

Final word

Lab space should be a place of high functionality, without distracting clutter. Choosing the right storage systems can help to save valuable space and help to keep everyone on track and focused, all while elevating a lab’s atmosphere. 

Sometimes success all comes down to the structure and functionality of a project and keeping your lab space organized and easy to navigate through the help of a great organization system, will help with exactly that.

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