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Some guards are not allowed to do the same things as security guards. Learn what these differences are here.

What guards are prohibited from doing and security officer responsibilities

Can a security guard touch you in Australia?

There is no law that gives a security guard some special powers similar to the police ones in Australia. It means that no guard can touch or grab you and search your belongings without permission. However, if security officers have detected criminal actions of intruders or some illegal behavior was spotted, then guards are allowed to hold a suspect with minimal force in a reasonable manner until the police arrive. But it’s possible only if they witnessed an actual unlawful act. It means they can perform the citizen’s arrest to ensure the proper level of public safety and prevent threats.

Security officer responsibilities depend on the type of the provided services and mostly include:

  • order maintenance and visual presence on the protected facility/object/commercial building/construction site/office/shops;
  • patrolling and monitoring of the designated area/territory/perimeter;
  • detect suspicious activity and report on irregularities;
  • identify illegal acts for their timely liquidation;
  • recognize potential risks for safety and ensure quick and adequate response.

To execute all the guarding objectives in Australia, every expert who works in the private security industry and wants to legally carry out the security activities mentioned above must be certified and possess a security officer license.

What security guards cannot do?

However, while having the right to ask the criminal to leave the protected area or even pursue the trespasser in order to protect the property, it is no longer in the security officers’ jurisdiction to respond in case the suspect leaves the territory. To defend premises or people from a violent attack, robbery, vandalism, or aggression, a guard can use as much force as is reasonable while executing their duties in particular circumstances. The incorrect use of handcuffs, as well as the use of any other equipment intended only for police officers, such as tasers or pepper sprays, is forbidden. They also cannot discriminate by any individual features, such as age or race.

Security professionals must perform their commitments within the law and every responsible Australian citizenship must be aware of all guard’s limits.

What happens if you hit a security guard?

Punching a security officer is the same as punching an ordinary person. Thus, if you hit a guard, it is usually considered a misdemeanor. Depending on the degree of damage, it can be measured as a crime, involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable.

Is the security guard test hard?

To become a security guard and start a career in law enforcement, every candidate must be prepared for testing to evaluate the qualifications, personality traits, skills and abilities. The test is needed to identify the strength and areas that must be improved to become a great expert in security. Generally, the licensing exam is not so difficult, but it requires particular knowledge, skills, and focus, so practicing is a must-have component for successful outcomes, as being a guard means to properly perform the job.

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