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It doesn't matter if Chris Evans is gay. With the work Evans has done as an LGBTQIA+ ally, why is his sexual orientation such a big deal?

Why it shouldn’t matter if Chris Evans is gay

Speculation over a celebrity’s sexual orientation is nothing new. From Paul Lynde to Ryan Seacrest, people have always been curious about what goes in the bedrooms of their favorite stars. Who are they dating? Why are they so secretive?

Celebrity love lives are especially vulnerable to gossip among their fandom. Whether it’s genuine interest or a sense of entitlement, fans want to know who their faves are dating. When their faves are secretive, the gossip mill starts churning with . . . interesting fan theories.

Chris Evans is a private person. While his love life has been pretty thoroughly documented, his secrecy in itself has led fans to think he might be gay. With the work Evans has done as an LGBTQIA+ ally, why is his sexual orientation such a big deal?

Preconceived notions

In 2011, Chris Evans became a household name when he picked up the shield as Captain America in the MCU. In 2017, he shocked fans by opening up about his mental health challenges with anxiety. Rumors of him being gay began soon after.

Society has been trying to destigmatize men talking about their mental health challenges. Yet, many still see men being willing to open about their emotions as a sign of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Gay men are expected to be openly emotional, where straight men are still expected to be emotionally closed off. Perhaps Evans’ willingness to open up about how anxiety has challenged him throughout his career – even almost ending it – played on these preconceived notions.

Thinking in stereotype

When most people think of a stereotypically gay men, a specific set of behaviors and traits come to mind. They include having a lisp, a limp wrist, a sassy attitude, an affinity for fashion, and an obsession with female pop stars.

While Chris Evans has displayed none of these qualities, the rumor of him being gay has persisted. However, he does embody other traits stereotypically associated with gay men. He’s unapologetically open with his emotional vulnerabilities.

Evans doesn’t posture about his romantic conquests or brag about his physical strength. Instead, he’s been open about his struggles with anxiety and how it almost cost him his role in Captain America: The First Avenger. His openness has to have led to people thinking he might be gay because it certainly wasn’t his dating history.

Dating history

Chris Evans has been linked to many romantic relationships over the years. None of them have been with gay men. Yet, the rumor persists despite the number of female celebrities that he’s been either confirmed or merely rumored to be dating.

He’s been linked to celebrities like Jenny Slate & Minka Kelly. In April 2021, he exchanged a hilarious back & forth with Lizzo after she sent him a drunk DM on Instagram. Recently, fans have even linked him with Selena Gomez.

How could anyone think he’s gay? Evans has remained a private person when it comes to his love life, despite the persistent gossip. He’s never confirmed himself to be anything but straight, but maybe it’s his heartfelt support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Captain Ally

With a plethora of openly gay celebrities, how important is the answer to the question: Is Chris Evans gay? In reality, it’s no more important than trying to figure out his underwear or coffee preferences.

If Evans is in the closet, then he doesn’t have to come out no matter how hard people knock at the metaphorical door. He’ll come out when he’s ready and not a moment sooner. His vocal support of the LGBTQIA+ community is what’s important

He’s supported same-sex marriage and other LGBTQIA+ rights. His brother, Scott, has spoken highly of the acceptance he’s felt from his big brother. In a country where many LGBTQIA+ people still face rejection from their families, his acceptance of his brother is what’s important. Everything else is rumor & speculation.

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