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One of the most impactful shifts has been the increasing visibility of transgender characters and actors on the silver screen.

The documentary endorsed by Musk is What Is A Woman? by conservative Matt Walsh. Is Musk a transphobe? Look at all the nasty tweets here.

Who knew that an unknown Martin Scorsese film from the 70s would send gay Tumblr into a frenzy? Dig into the mafia film taking over world!

Media representation of bisexuality, like the identity itself, can go both ways. Proudly swing your flag to celebrate when it swings right!

'Stiletto' is the new drama series that isn't afraid to get real about what it's like to be transgender. Take a deep dive in their stories!

Watch a home invasion go hilariously wrong in 'Friends Call Us Unlucky'. Here's how you can catch Alyssa Toledo's short film playing at NewFilmLA!

You may not be a "Livin' La Vida Loca" fan for much longer after reading these claims, even after Ricky Martin's nephew dropped the incest charges.

Singer Ricky Martin rose to international fame with the hit song "Livin' La Vida Loca", but his nephew claims he's nothing but bad news.

Trans media is becoming a staple of modern entertainment! Take notes of what's in store for the future of on-screen LGBTQIA+ representation.