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Is your posture suffering from working at your desk? Consider these smart solutions to your back problems!

Difference between Ordinary Correction Tape and Smart AI Posture Corrector

The Impact of Bad Posture and why We Need an Advanced Posture Corrector Tool:

Perhaps you’ve heard that good posture is essential for good health, but what does that mean? Your posture is determined by how you position your body while sitting, standing, or lying down. Your posture is a product of the habits you have developed throughout your life. It is common for people to recognize poor posture in others without realizing how their own posture falls short. If you look around at co-workers at work, you are likely to see them hunched over at their desks. Studies have shown that incorrect sitting habits can lead to poor posture, which has several negative effects on the body, including back pain.

When you sit or stand correctly, your body is aligned properly. You must learn how to support your body against gravity as lightly as possible without putting too much strain on your supporting structures. As long as bones and joints are aligned properly, they are wear and tearless, reducing the stress on supporting structures. Standing or sitting in a good posture promotes blood flow, maintains healthy nerves and blood vessels, and supports the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  When people make a habit of maintaining correct posture, they are less likely to experience back and neck pain.

You can find several posture corrector products like CZUR Mirror available in the market. These posture correctors are very much effective in maintaining correct posture. Traditional correction tapes are also widely used to treat common posture problems.

How does the traditional correction tape work, and its impact?

Traditional correction taping supports your back and shoulders effectively. It allows you to maintain proper posture by restoring and enhancing your musculature. As you are used to a bad alignment, traditional correction tape may feel awkward at first. Start using traditional correction tape for 5-10 minutes per day and then raise the time to an hour or two at a time. Eventually, you will notice you feel better, look healthier, and stand taller.

Please note that it is impossible to build muscle memory with traditional correction tape because it just forces you to perform stereotypes. Since the whole procedure is carried out externally and not by your own muscles, your posture remains unchanged once the device has been removed.

How does CZUR Mirror-Smart AI posture corrector work, and its impact?

Bad posture puts a lot of pressure on the cervical spine, so the posture corrector like CZUR Mirror aims to keep your spine in alignment, but mainly focuses on positioning your head. If you slouch forward, a robotic-sounding woman will remind you much like your AI mom, or laser lights will flash all over your desk, and you will not be able to ignore either of these. CZUR’s AI chip uses a small 2 MP camera on the front detecting your posture and laser light that acts as a visual alert to you if your posture needs to be corrected. It comes with a free companion app that allows you to customize options like favorite mode and notification method, to set reminders, and to create a report of your sitting posture.

This device is easy to set up. Simply plug it into the power source. The device is fairly versatile. This device can work between 50 and 80 cm from your body, commonly beside your monitor or laptop. It works fine even if it is not in the center.

While the CZUR Mirror app includes endless data and posture reports, it is designed to keep your spine in alignment by reminding you to sit correctly so that you can build good sitting habits. It can be considered the best posture corrector for you if you are one of the WFH generations with bad posture. 

The difference between the two

It is common to tape backs for postural correction to hold the body in the correct anatomical position and to promote awareness of slouching during everyday activities. Over 90% of lower and upper back pain cases we see are self-inflicted due to bad habits of poor posture. This should be corrected to prevent any future and long-term injuries. The short-term benefit of postural taping is that it helps hold the body in the proper position during work and daily activities, and makes it easier for you to maintain good posture throughout the day. It is also effective for relieving muscle or joint pain.

In contrast, the smart AI posture corrector, like the neck posture corrector, sits on your desk and keeps an eye on your posture. It is controlled via an app that offers a variety of modes for maximum customization. This app allows consumers to choose between different notification methods.  With the posture corrector app, you can even see your position right away and hear a spoken countdown. Additionally, a smart AI posture corrector, like a back posture corrector, generates a report showing how to improve sitting posture. The device is non-forceful and is designed to help users develop a healthier posture without pain or damage to their spines.

With traditional correction tapes, a temporary change is achieved by binding.  As the entire process is performed through external binding, not by your own muscles, your posture will remain the same after you remove this device. On the other hand, the smart AI posture corrector like CZUR Mirror provides good sitting habits by changing the bad sitting habits and builds muscle memory to change personalities. This is the biggest difference between a traditional correction tape and a smart AI posture corrector.


Most of you have complained of back pain at least once during your lifetime due to poor posture. Good posture is determined by the alignment of your spine. Normally, your spine has three curves – at the neck, the middle back, and the low back. Maintaining correct posture will prevent these curves from increasing. Your head should be above your shoulders, and your shoulders should extend over your hips.

After a 2-week follow-up, it has been observed that both the correction tape and the smart AI posture corrector like back brace posture corrector improve your sitting habit and provide effective results. However, the smart AI posture corrector is more effective than taping. It acts as your personal posture trainer and teaches you the correct way to sit at your desk. By using a posture corrector like CZUR Mirror for just 7 days, you will establish healthy sitting habits. As soon as you establish an effective routine, you will no longer have to rely on any type of pain-relief product.

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