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Seven Amazing Baby Shower Gifts for Your Favorite Mom-To-Be

If you are friends with a lot of different people, then you may know someone who is about to have a baby.  This presents a profound problem: What gifts do you buy for this mother and her future baby who is not a baby yet?  Well, the following examples may present good opportunities to browse for the right gift.

1. Natural Diapers

Natural diapers differ from regular diapers in terms of material.  That natural diapers do not include any plastic offers two primary benefits.  Natural diapers are more easily biodegradable, so if whoever receives your gift is concerned about the environment, then this may be an unusually thoughtful option.  Also, they are more absorbent, reducing the chance that the baby will develop fungus among other forms of skin irritation.  As they are made exclusively out of cotton, they are perfect for especially sensitive skin.

2. A Crib

A crib is half-bed and half-prison: perfect for a baby. As cribs are smaller than regular beds, one may fit in the mother’s room so that she can closely monitor her baby.  The sides of the crib also protect the baby by keeping it from falling out of the crib and smashing its little head on the ground like a pumpkin.  Any mother-to-be would appreciate a crib, but make sure she has not already bought one.  Keep those receipts.  Most places should give you a receipt when you make a purchase for such a product.  Also, offer to help her put it together.  Doing so could be a fun thing to do together.

3. A Baby Monitor

Let us say that your mother has her baby in a separate room.  In this case, she may want to monitor her baby with some kind of auditory device.  One great auditory device to use is a baby monitor.  The purpose of a baby monitor is for parents to hear their baby’s cries for minimal sleep and maximum frustration.  If the baby cries, then the parents may want to check on it and see how it is doing.  If it has soiled itself or vomited, then the parents may want to clean up the mess.  A baby monitor may also help discern whether there is a trespasser in your baby’s room who may abduct the baby.  Be sure to provide the mother-to-be with batteries.  Otherwise, the baby monitor will not work or turn on.

4. Breastfeeding Drinks

Of course, one must feed a baby with formula or breastmilk, but breastfeeding drinks may help breasts to be more productive.  Many companies that offer these drinks offer them in a variety of flavors across produce that aids in milk production.  Generally, a diet rich in iron can be helpful, but nothing is as effective as breastmilk-encouraging drinks manufactured by professionals.  Also, these drinks are healthy whether you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or ditching sports drinks.  Breastfeeding drinks can be a great gift for a mom-to-be, whether that mom is looking to be healthier or just wants to raise her baby right.

5. Stuffed Animals

Consider purchasing a stuffed animal with whom to cuddle.  Sometimes, it might be fun to have the stuffed animal reflect the zodiac sign of the baby.  If a baby’s sign is Leo, then it might be fun to buy a lion.  Stuffed animals are great decorations for a bed, crib, or living room, so the mother-to-be might appreciate such an acutely thoughtful gift.  Who knows?  The baby may appreciate it too.  There are a variety of brands from which to purchase many great stuffed animals.

6. A Stroller

A stroller is essentially a crib that moves.  One might call it the “Baby’s Wheelchair” due to its appearance and similar usage.  With a stroller, a mother can take her baby to the coffee shop or brewery, but she must remember not to let the baby drink alcohol or coffee.  Strollers come in a variety of colors.  A color is a particular wavelength of light that hits our eyes in such a way that we discern colors from a spectrum.  A stroller can take on a color.  Some strollers offer shade for your baby, while others do not.  Some even have cup holders, making them more elaborate than wheelchairs.  Consider picking up a stroller, today.

7. Formula Bottles

These bottles in which to store formula can come in handy for any new mom.  They are designed to be easily held and drank from by toddlers.  Also, using formula may compensate for breasts that do not generate enough milk.  Bottles can have a variety of designs on them to stimulate a baby’s senses.  Stimulating a baby’s vision helps its cognition mature faster.  Few gifts rival a formula bottle, so be sure to consider buying one for a mother-to-be.  Buying a formula bottle is thoughtful and practical.

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