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Subscribers for Xbox Game Pass got some exciting news via this year's E3. Which games are soon to be released? Check out all the amazing titles!

Xbox at E3 2021: What news did Game Pass subscribers get this year?

The twenty-sixth annual Electronics Entertainment Expo is wrapping up to its final days this week, as gamers around the globe have tuned in to try to catch any upcoming news in the gaming world this year. With the drop of PS5 back in November, along with the upcoming upgrade to the Nintendo Switch, there’s been no shortage of gaming news over the past tumultuous year.

Nintendo & PlayStation may have had a busy past year, but they’re not the only gaming giants around. Xbox fans have been scouring the web over the past week trying to uncover any news about the company revealed at this year’s E3. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are the Xbox fans with the most brand loyalty.

Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service from Microsoft allowing gamers to gain access to a rotating catalog of games for Xbox. 

The service isn’t only for Xbox, either – Game Pass works for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android devices. The $9.99 per month service allows users exclusive access, so we can only imagine Game Pass holders would have news coming from this year’s E3 from Microsoft to some of its most loyal supporters.

Game Pass holders are in luck – E3 revealed several titles will come to the subscription service this year, and dates have been announced as early as this week through the year’s end.


Eurogamer reported this week that Yakuza: Like a Dragon hit Xbox Game Pass this week on June 13th, and Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance comes next week on June 23rd. 

In July, however, Game Pass holders will have access to Microsoft Flight Simulator & The Ascent, coming to the subscription service on the 27th & 29th respectively. July, however, is only the beginning.


In August, a slew of other games will come to Game Pass holders, and news of their arrival has gamers ready for the summer’s balmy final month. Hades hits Game Pass on August 13th, while Twelve Minutes will come to the service on August 19th.

August will wrap up with the release of Psychonauts 2, coming to Game Pass on August 25th. Psychonauts won’t be the first or last sequel coming to the Xbox subscription service this year.


In September, Aragami 2 will drop on users when the sequel comes to Game Pass on September 17th. 

About a week later, Sable will join Aragami 2 on September 23rd, bringing the summer to a close with two of Xbox’s most interesting titles coming to Game Pass. The Anacrusis is reported to drop in autumn as well, but there hasn’t been an exact date released for when the game is said to go on Game Pass.


On October 12th, Back 4 Blood will come to Game Pass, while Age of Empires 4 will join its fellow quad game on October 28th. Not much news has been released about Game Pass in November, although Forza Horizon 5 is said to drop on the service on November 9th.

Holiday 2021

Things get vaguer around the holidays, as Shredders is said to come out sometime in December, while the coveted Halo Infinite is simply listed to drop on Game Pass “holiday 2021”. Among Us, Hello Neighbor 2, and The Gunk are among the titles ambiguously listed to drop in 2021 with no exact date.

Xbox fans got some news as to what’s coming to Game Pass this year at E3, but there’s still plenty to be revealed. As gamers await the release dates of some of their most highly anticipated titles, E3 enters its final days this week, and we wonder if any more details will be revealed. What Xbox game are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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