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Excited for the newest game in the 'Battlefield' franchise? Take a look at Twitter reactions for 'Battlefield 2042'.

‘Battlefield 2042’: Watch EA’s reveal of their newest game here

Fans of EA’s Battlefield got some excellent news today. The video game franchise is set to return with their newest game Battlefield 2042. In this near future game, players are in a world of rising sea levels, environmental collapse, and economic turmoil that have shattered nations. Now there are No-Pats, who fight for no country but, instead, fight for the salvation of the planet & self preservation. 

The newest game from the Battlefield franchise has a larger focus on multiplayer combat, maps that can hold up to 128 players on current gen consoles, futuristic weaponry, and a gigantic sandbox to play in. With the trailer released for Battlefield 2042, fans of the franchise are amped to see what the new game will bring. Here are some of the best reactions out there.


Is this a good idea?

Do you really want to pet the gun dog though? 


F in the chat

Battlefield is the newest game to smoke all those other co-op shooters. Smoke ‘em! 


The fans want the new game

Seriously. Pack it in Call of Duty.



That is pretty unfortunate.


Must have been wearing a red shirt

It really does get bad fast.



No campaign! Only multiplayer.


See the exodus in real time

Seriously. Warzone is dead now.


That is pretty boss

It does look awesome with the Fast & Furious soundtrack.


Time to find some new entertainment then

EA going Russell Crowe with the newest Battlefield game.


Is it October yet?

Feel the excitement! 

Battlefield 2024 will be released on Oct. 22. 

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