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Humans love playing the video game 'Stray', but even cats aren't immune to its charms. Let's meme about their purringly hilarious reactions!

Is ‘Stray’ the most popular game of all time with… cats?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the game Stray. In it, a stray cat works with a small drone known as B12 to make its way out of an abandoned city. The game follows the unlikely duo through adventures where they encounter threats, mysteries, and chance encounters.

Anyone who’s ever parented a cat knows they can be fickle & temperamental at the best of times. This third-person game allows players a chance to see the world through their eyes. It may even be the key to figuring out what makes this particular kind of fur baby so hard to understand.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray was intended for a human audience and, so far, it’s been met with rave reviews. However, even cats are wild about this new video game! Well, they’re at least intrigued by why their humans love it enough to ignore them just to play it.

The cat’s meow

The only thing better than watching cats freak out over the game Stray is the hilarious moments they inspire. Just check out these furry reactions:

What the heck?

Some cats thought the game would be more interactive


Other cats just couldn’t believe their eyes

Just wondering

Mostly the little fur babies are just curious about the strange cat in their house

Life imitates art

A little realism doesn’t bother everyone

Too much

However, it may have been too much for some cats to handle

From behind

Either way, this may become a familiar sight for many cat parents

Game over

Just learn how to play around them . . . if you can!

Terribly awry

Hopefully, no cats get too excited over the popular video game

New players

Being inclusive just got extended to our four-legged friends

It’s purrrfect

With adventures like this, no wonder cats love it🥰

As of July 19th, players can access the game Stray on console, PC, and mobile. Anyone with Playstations 4 or 5 can navigate these purring adventures with controllers. You can also access Stream via PC or mobile to play the game using a keyboard or your favorite hand-held device. Just make sure you ask your cat for purrrmission.

What does your cat think about the popular game Stray? Do they love it? Or are they just confused about how all these new cats got into their house? Let us know your gaming thoughts in the comments below!

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