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Black Cat Appreciation Day came to pet owners everywhere this week. Cozy up to our list of cute cat memes to help celebrate your favorite felines.

Everyday is Black Cat Appreciation Day with these cute cat memes

In 2021, there seems to be a special celebration for every day on the calendar – National Margarita Day, Sibling Appreciation Day, Donut Day – you name it! This week is no different, and pet owners across the country no doubt had their calendars marked yesterday when Black Cat Appreciation Day finally came to pass.

Black cats get a bad reputation, but the furry felines usually only cross our paths on the way to the windowsill, and the bad luck which follows is probably our own fault. Don’t take our word for it – Twitter has lit up with cute cat memes for those defending their black fur balls on their special day. 

Check out our list of the best cute cat memes and Twitter reactions from Black Cat Appreciation Day to help celebrate feline’s most misunderstood breed.


Black cats are often seen as bringers of bad luck. However, anyone who has had a little mini panther in their lives knows this is simply not true. This cut from Twitter’s cute cat memes gets right to the point.

This cut from Twitter’s cute cat memes gets in front of the misconception about black cats crossing our paths. Yeah, it’s on its way to the food bowl, folks.

The look on this kitty’s face says 1000 words. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

This cut from Twitter’s cute cat memes addresses the real issue of black cat adoption. Don’t believe the hype.


Black cats may not be bad luck, but they do seem to have some mischievous tendencies. This one stole its owner’s dinner, but come on, you can’t stay mad at that face.

Make sure you showed your black cat some love this past Black Cat Appreciation Day. If not, you might get yelled at.

How did a black cat end up on the football field? Sometimes you have to keep your eye on these little stinkers.


Finally, the best cute cat memes from Black Cat Appreciation Day simply show off our love for the little black kitties. This one gives us plenty of info on why black cats are the best.

This black cat meme lays out the truth for the haters.

Finally, some took to Twitter this week simply to celebrate the most misunderstood cats on the globe. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

What’s your favorite black cat of all time? Sound off in the comments below!

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