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The beloved indie farming game 'Stardew Valley' has transcended the virtual realm! Check out the new board game where you can play the co-op game in person.

Next level ‘Stardew Valley’ co-op: How to play the board game

Hello Stardew Valley addicts, we come bearing jovial news! Your beloved indie farming simulator has transcended the virtual realm, becoming a game which requires only the addition of friends and a table. 

Have you wasted away in front of a screen for hours on end, letting the seasons just pass on by, stacking up on iridium sprinklers, and upping your hearts with every character in the valley? You can only grow so many giant pumpkins and catch so many legendary fish before you yearn to start a fresh file – a never ending cycle.

Well, now you have a shining new opportunity to start Stardew anew in an entirely different way. ConcernedApe posted on the Stardew Valley developer blog just yesterday about an exciting new Stardew Valley Board Game – the game’s first merchandise product with ConcernedApe involved as an acting publisher. 

Is it finally time to step away from the screen to play a Stardew Valley with your friends in person? Online co-op sure can be one fun element, but IRL co-op takes the game to a whole new level. Here’s everything we know about the Stardew Valley board game.


ConcernedApe worked closely on the board game with game designer Cole Medeiros to craft a new Stardew Valley experience which “captures the essence of Stardew Valley”, according to the developer blog. The game encapsulates tons of the video game features including “villagers, crops, animals, fishing, foraging, mining and more.” 

Stardew Valley: The Board Game is designed for one to four players over thirteen or older. One game is supposed to take around forty-five minutes per player, though the length & difficulty can be adjusted depending on player preference.

The objective of the board game is the same as the video game: Complete Grandpa’s goals, fix up the Community Center, and drive the evil Joja Corporation out of town. However, the particular goals are randomized each game, meaning each playthrough you’ll encounter different quests. 

What about leveling up and expanding your farm like you can do in the video game? According to ConcernedApe, the board game will let you “advance your starting tool” and “gain new profession skills” as you “find items and gather resources”. 

Moreover, building relationships with Stardew Valley characters will “unlock unique gifts” and help you move forward. Accomplishing these goals will simultaneously make your farm “more and more capable.” 


Similar to the video game, the Stardew board game measures time by seasons, but the board game carries out events in three phases each round. In Phase 1 of the board game, players draw from a Season Deck which determines weather & events. In Phase 2 players discuss their plans and place their pawn into a starting location. Phase 3 is the complicated part which opens up the world to engage in tasks depending on location.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game comes with an array of different material components to operate the game mechanics such as Player Pawns, Stardew Dice, Gold & Heart Tokens, as well as tiles for animals, buildings, and items, and cards for tools, villagers, seasons, mines, bundles, and more.

ConcernedApe explained that the board game was meant to have some complexity and may require some more time & mental investment, but assured readers that the game is “easy to play once you learn the rules”. 

For a more indepth look at Stardew Valley: The Board Game, you can find the detailed manual when accessing the page on the main Stardew Valley shop website. ConcernedApe also mentioned they’re setting up a forum to discuss specifics of the board game and answer questions.

Stardew Valley updates

Released back in 2016, Stardew Valley’s popularity dipped after everyone had played the videogame phenomenon on repeat. However, the game got a resurrection of sorts when co-op was introduced, allowing you to have a conjoined game with friends all working on the farm together.

On December 21st, 2020, Stardew Valley players were also graced with a big update on PC, introducing a whole new arch including a Beach Farm located in a new region of the world called Ginger Island. With it comes a new NPC, items, quests, animals, and more. Veteran Stardew players ate this up. 

The Stardew Valley board game, is the latest ConcernedApe development and may be just as intriguing for eternal fans of the farming story sensation. You may just find that carrying the fun away from the computer desk and into the living room will be the best way to enjoy the game in co-op or alone!

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