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Whether you’re looking to hang out with old friends or make new ones, a game night is perfect for connecting and relaxing. Here are the top 5 games to play!

5 Cool Games To Bring To Your Next Game Night Event

Whether you’re looking to hang out with old friends or make new ones, a game night is perfect for connecting and relaxing. Providing a variety of games is a must if you’re the host, and if you’re a guest, bringing an extra game to shake things up will endear you to the host.

A good game night should include classic games and new games, fast games and slow games, and games for two and fun for many.

Below are a few ideas for games you could bring out at your next game night. Keep it simple with a few rounds of bingo, or mix it up with something surprising like a sling puck game.

Sling Puck Game

The sling puck game is a variant of table shuffleboard. The sling puck game is fun and fast. Designed for two players, this is a game of agility and speed. Kids of all ages will have fun flicking the pucks to their opponent’s side. Sling puck games are a great way to pick up the energy at your event. If you’re playing large group games that slowly winnow down the number of players, sling puck is a quick and easy game to play when you’ve been cut from a longer game.

Chinese Checkers Game

Stretching back to the nineteenth century, Chinese checkers are simplified versions of an older game. A little like checkers, in that pieces, hop over one another, but not directly related to checkers (nor, for that matter, does it originate in China). This is a relatively simple game of strategy. It takes some attention and planning to win, but the rules are simple enough for children to play. It is suitable for group events where you may not know how many people will show, as it can be played with 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. 

The Game of Bingo

Though it is perfect for large groups, bingo can be played just as successfully at home as in a large hall. Many variants exist, and this is a fun game to tailor to the interests of your friend group. It can be played throughout the evening, with players looking out for specific happenings, or at once with a number generator of some kind. This game holds interest mainly for the fun of winning prizes; if there’s nothing set aside, “winner takes home the leftovers” is always a good system.

A Box of Domino Tiles

Domino tiles allow you to play several games of varying difficulty, making them a good choice for a group of varied or unknown skill levels. With dominoes, you can play blocking or scoring games with two or more people. 

A Mancala Board

Like dominoes, mancala is a range of games, but the standard American version is a two-person game played on a rectangular board of opposing rows of pits filled with beads (an egg carton and dry beans will do in a pinch)—excellent counting practice for the kids, and a profoundly interesting strategy challenge for grown ups.

Good Clean Fun

Lose yourself in thought over a game of strategy, try your luck with a round of bingo, or get excited over a fast-paced sling puck game. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to reinvigorate your hang-outs with these fantastic games!

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