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'The Sims' have been the design destination for gamers for years. Gaze upon these gorgeous houses created in the popular game.

Get some inspiration: Try to recreate these iconic houses in ‘The Sims’

The Sims have been the design destination for gamers before Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a glimmer in Nintendo’s eye. The simple sandbox game has been coming out with updates and new packages that can turn any Sims house into the house of your dreams, no matter what those dreams may be. 

Still, finding Sims’s houses ideas can be a bit daunting. With thousands of Pinterest & Tumblr pages for Sims houses ideas, it’s a lot to sift through to find what you want. Not to mention the variety of ideas for Sims houses that are out there to choose from, from townhouses to beachfront cottages. 

Luckily, we built up a list of amazing Sims house ideas for you to try out with your own Sims! Start saving your Simoleons and dive into these great Sims houses ideas! 

Snow much fun 

Who wouldn’t love this little winter wonderland

Pretty in pink 

Regina George would approve. 

All aboard 

This adorable house boat will make you want to stay in the harbor 24/7! 

Triple decker 

It’s the yard that does it for us. Also, you have to love that little gazebo! 

Royal mansion 

This will definitely make your Sims feel like royalty

Swim time 

What can we say, we’re suckers for indoor pools. 

Beach backyard 

Anyone up for a swim? 

Christmas castle 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year all year round! 

Witch’s cottage 

Just double check with the neighbors before you do any spells . . . .

Trendy townhouses 

Perfect for if you want the city feel without the city rent

Have any other great Sims houses ideas? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep building! 

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