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Who even asked for this? Check out what the online community had to say about the MAC x The Sims collab palette.

Get your game on: Where to get the MAC/’The Sims’ collab collection online

If you’ve played The Sims 4, you know MAC has been collaborating with EA for a while now. Now we finally get to see the collaboration outside of our computer screen! But it’s not exactly what fans were expecting.

The Sims & MAC announced a limited-edition palette which sounded exciting for fans of both brands. Unfortunately, the palette was disappointing, to say the least. The internet expressed its disapproval and, unfortunately, there is no defending this collaboration.

Find out why the online community hasn’t responded well to this partnership between The Sims & MAC here.

MAC’s appearance in The Sims 4

One of the most enjoyable parts of playing The Sims is setting up your character. The Sims 4 gave us the chance to customize our sims with fourteen makeup looks from MAC which are available in the base game. The MAC x The Sims palette is still available online at MAC’s website.

The makeup was designed by MAC’s director of artistry, Romero Jennings. If you’ve ever seen the looks yourself you probably know they’re. . . a little underwhelming. Not only are the colors pretty subdued, but the makeup itself is just meh.

Many didn’t think much about the MAC looks offered in The Sims. If anything, players probably just went online to look for modders to get more interesting designs, or just made do with what the game offered. You’d think that would’ve prepared us for this collaboration but you’d be wrong.

MAC x The Sims palette

It didn’t take long for people to realize the MAC x The Sims palette looked strangely familiar. The online reaction to the palette was mostly of disappointment as it seemed like MAC hadn’t put any thought into creating a palette for The Sims.

One of the main issues was that the MAC x The Sims palette was just a repackaging of other pre-existing shadows in the MAC collection. What’s worse is that MAC didn’t even bother to hide the fact that they hadn’t created new shades for their collab palette.

The MAC x The Sims palette features nine eyeshadows, all in neutral tones – although some have a bit of glitter. The names of the shades are not related to The Sims either as they’re just pre-existing shadows in the MAC collection. Some of the names & color descriptions are Moon Rock (frosty bright white), Copper Aura (pastel coral), and Blackberry (muted burgundy-plum brown) to name a few.

What the online community had to say

The internet wasn’t surprised about the MAC x The Sims palette and there were many users who took their thoughts to Twitter. Evidently, the collab wasn’t so welcomed online, and here are some tweets to prove it.


Users like Deligracy gave us some of the most popular tweets about the palette and pretty much said what we were all thinking. MAC could’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from The Sims but it just looks like they’ve never played the game.

What it should’ve looked like

Fernando gave us the palette we all deserved and literally commented it on MAC’s thread to throw some shade – pun intended. Was this too hard?


What else is there to say? It’s literally the same!

“For all skin tones”

MAC’s website reads “The curated collection of shimmering smoky brown shades that create limitless looks for all skin tones — and for every Sim — is now wrapped in an exclusive The Sims design that is sure to be a sellout.” – Are they for real?

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