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We know what question is on every gamer's mind right now: "is 'The Sims 4' free?" Check out Twitter's reactions to the latest foray into the Sims world.

Is ‘The Sims 4’ free? Maybe not, but these hilarious memes *are*

When we think of a gamer, the first-person-shooter player clad with a headset and decked out desktop comes to mind. However, the cult following of diehard Sims fans can hold a candle to any gritty game following gathering up users by the truckload.

Furthermore, in 2014, The Sims 4 dropped on simulation superfans of the world and quickly became one of the most talked about installments in The Sims series, as fans across the globe wondered, “is The Sims 4 free?.” When The Sims 4 put out a playable version for Mac users in 2015, the game became the first game to top all format charts in just two years.

However, love for The Sims 4 varies from person to person, with many Sims heads thinking fondly of the early days, and spending more of their time playing The Sims earlier incarnations. Whatever side you’re on, there’s a Sims meme out there for you, and we’ve scoured Twitter for the best Sims memes on the web.

The Sims 4

Is The Sims 4 free? This is the question on the minds of all Sims heads who’ve yet to play the latest & greatest in the beloved series. This meme shows how fans of The Sims 4 feel about the game.

Fans of The Sims 4 seem to get so involved in the new game, playing even trumps a little Netflix & chill. This meme says it all.

Skeptics of the latest Sims installment may have seen too many memes like this, leading them to ask the powers that be, “is The Sims 4 free?” Some players find 4 without the bells & whistles of earlier Sims and for haters, the game better be free.


The Sims provides a safe simulation (get it?) of our world, one in which we can bend the rules we otherwise might only do in our minds. If your bae is a Sims head, look out: they might relate too well to this meme.

Why is it so hard to resist messing with our Sims? This is a question plaguing Sims fans for years, and shows no signs of losing relevance anytime soon.

We’re so in control of the world when we play The Sims, sometimes we need to engineer drama all by ourselves. What’s wrong with pretending though?

Intimate moments in The Sims are different than IRL, but when Sims-brain takes over, seeing any sex scene on screen might bring certain imagery to mind.

Sims is life

To a true Sims fan, Sims is life. A true fan will never ask “is the Sims 4 free,” because they’ll be willing to pay any price to delve deep into The Sims world for hours & hours. As this meme shows, The Sims makes sleep seem like an unnecessary luxury.

To say, “The Sims is distracting” would be more than an understatement. If you’re geared up to game until the sun goes up, however, you better make sure your laptop’s plugged in first.

Finally, when we spend too much time in The Sims world, we can feel like we’re living in the game ourselves. Remember, don’t be like Morty in this meme, separate your worlds, or you’ll be in trouble. 

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