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From Jailbreak to Welcome to Bloxburg, there is something for everyone. Here’s our list of handy 'Roblox' hacks.

Crush the competition with these handy ‘Roblox’ hacks now

Roblox has become the new Minecraft, with thousands of people playing games on its many servers every single day. From Jailbreak to Welcome to Bloxburg, there is something for everyone. 

But not everyone is going to win every game every time. Sometimes, the odds are just stacked against you, especially in a game like Roblox with thousands of people competing. 

Who says you can’t restack them, though? What if you got a chance to rise above the rules and win every time? Here’s our list of handy Roblox hacks to get you to the top of every leaderboard. 

The 774 map 

This Roblox hack comes from the wide world of YouTube, where YouTuber Roboxean posted his hack for the games. He placed a zip file in the description of the video, explaining if someone downloaded the zip file, they could extract the 774 map within. Once downloaded & opened, you would go into a game and inject the code for the map into the system. 

After it was done scanning, you’d be able to win any Roblox game! The example used was for Jailbreak, where Roboxean was then able to get several guns during a prison break, effectively winning the game. Now that is a major hack! 

The Assassin Hack 

Next is a famous level-seven Roblox hack. This particular hack was used often but was stopped cold by the game at one point. Luckily, YouTuber NateVang was able to fix the hack to get it working again. 

Once again, after downloading the file from the description, NatVang explains how you choose the file NatInjector (that’s certainly an interesting name for a file) click Choose DLL. After selecting the DLL and it being injected, you can open the main file and execute it in the game. 

This hack is good specifically for the game Assassin to give you a boost over the competition! 

The Friday Night Funkin Hack 

Yet another hack from the wonderful world of YouTube, this time from YouTuber OMGScripts. Once downloaded from the video’s description and executed, you’ll be the best Friday Night Funkin player. 

How? The hack lets you activate an autoplayer, making sure you get perfect on every move! Now that’s something worth dancing to. 

For us non-techie folk 

Now a lot of these hacks require some knowledge of coding to execute, but what if you’re no coder? Luckily, people like YouTuber MIKEYDOOD has a few hacks you don’t need a keyboard for. 

These hacks were demonstrated in the game Secret Piggy, but could work for any Roblox game. The suggestion is to pretend to go AFK, or “away from keyboard”. You type a message into the chat saying you have to go somewhere and wait. When people creep closer, expecting an easy kill, you immediately start firing! 

This hack is a quick, easy way to get quick kills without all the coding steps. 

Practice makes perfect 

If you’re the type of person who prefers to go closer to the straight & narrow, YouTuber Bandites has a quick hack for you for the game Arsenal: practice. 

Using aim trainers like Aimstars which is also on Roblox, you can get better at tracking and aiming at enemies. These games let you strengthen your reflexes so that when the time comes, you can be as trigger happy as you want. 

These hacks, from the complex to the simple, can help boost your Roblox game no matter the server or competition. Happy hacking! 

Have any other Roblox hacks? Drop them in the comment below to help others get up on the leaderboard (not as high as you, of course, but higher).  

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