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Is your favorite mobile game 'Among Us' finally available to play on your Xbox device? Find out all the devices 'Among Us' can be played on here.

Is ‘Among Us’ finally on Xbox? Inside the recent rumors

The latest gaming rumors spreading from headline to headline like a deadly virus (sorry), is yet again about our cute space suit-clad friends in Among Us. Among Us has increasingly grown as one of the trendiest video games of the past few years – hands down, it’s easily the first game to come to mind when considering buzz games gaining popularity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. 

Gamers across the board have been trying to get the game on their platform of choice since the Among Us buzz first promised gamers a fun time with the viral sensation. While Among Us has garnered a massive following through those who use the game on their mobile devices, others yearn to log on via other preferred devices & consoles. So how else can Among Us currently be played?

Deep space devices

As stated, Among Us is widely used via iOS & Android mobile devices and has been since the game dropped back in June 2018. 

However, the people behind Among Us were forced to adapt with the game’s massive popularity which skyrocketed during the middle of 2020 during the early months of lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

Several accounts noted the popularity spike of Among Us coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing connections between the need for social distancing and the game’s accessibility and easy play between friends separated from feet to miles. 

Most gamers have mobile phones, so for a while the people behind Among Us didn’t have to do much re-programming. That is, until the viral train started chugging along and demand for more platforms popped up in 2020.

Space on Switch

In November 2018, Among Us moved from solely being available through mobile devices to also being available via Windows systems. Since then, there’d been a lull in development in terms of burgeoning platform availability for the popular game.

New news would hit publications across the board in December 2020, when it was announced Among Us would be available on yet another platform.

USA Today reported in December 2020 Nintendo confirmed Among Us had become available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch, the beloved console that rode the COVID-19 wave of popularity amid shutdowns across the globe, is among the latest platforms gamers have had at their disposal to use for Among Us gameplay. 

However, as Among Us became seemingly available on almost every platform, gamers were concerned whether or not they’d be able to play the game across the full spectrum of devices. Gamers across the globe have been asking the same question: is Among Us on Xbox?

Is Among Us on Xbox?

If you’ve been screaming into the void of search engines across the web, asking “is Among Us on Xbox?” we don’t have great news for you; it’s been hard to say whether or not the viral sensation is yet available on Xbox.

In December 2020, Xbox Wire reported an update about Among Us, seemingly attempting to answer the question that’s been on many gamers’ minds over the past year: is Among Us on Xbox? Xbox Wire announced in December that the game is available for Xbox Game Pass for PC, but this doesn’t mean the game is yet available on the Xbox console.

Is Among Us on Xbox? Well, not yet. The viral gaming sensation is set to be available on Xbox console sometime in 2021, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive release date coming from Xbox or any major publication reporting on the game’s ever-developing news. Xbox fans can only hope the people behind Among Us hurry up, so they can reveal imposters on their platform of choice as soon as possible.

Do you think Among Us will come to consoles like Xbox anytime soon? Let us know in the comments! 

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