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What's going on in the gaming community now? Find out why the Minecraft community is frustrated with Kaceytron here, and let us know what you think.

Even hotter water: Why are Dream fans upset with Kaceytron now?

Famous Twitch streamer Kacey Caviness, or better yet known as Kaceytron, found herself stuck in some serious controversy when her name began to trend on Twitter after her tweets struck a chord in the Minecraft community. So what’s the latest drama going on in the online gaming community? Find out why people are upset with Kacey Caviness here, and what she has to say about the mess. 

Called out

It turns out the reason why many people in the gaming community are upset with Kaceytron is because people believe many of her recent tweets on “queerbaiting” were offensive and she was also called out for using AAVE (African American Vernacular English), which has made others frustrated towards the thirty-year-old Twitch streamer. 

On March 21st, Kaceytron went on Twitter to post her own statement that clarified the backlash she has received for her comments on queerbaiting & using AAVE through the form of a Google Doc. The Google Doc went through every single accusation folks have said, from her being homophobic, to her being racist, all the way to her being a Trump supporter. She then attempted to debunk each allegation made against her. 

Clearing up the situation 

The main incident that Kaceytron addressed began all the way back on March 19th, when in a series of now-deleted tweets, the Twitch streamer talked about her disdain of the behavior of “stans”. The tweets led folks to believe that Kacey was trying to accuse Minecraft YouTubers Dream & GeorgeNotFound of queerbaiting their fans. However, Kacey labeled this as a “false narrative”. 

The gamer wrote in the document: “I did not come up with this idea out of nowhere. For the past year my audience, that has many LGBTQ+ people in it, has expressed to me how the gaybaiting jokes are frustrating to them. My point in making this initial tweet wasn’t even to ‘cancel’ anybody, but to just point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy”.

“The action of mine described above resulted in hundreds from the MC community literally digging up things from 7 years ago with no context and trying to weaponize it against me because I said something that they thought was specifically about Dream & George. Literally weaponizing cancel culture”, she added. 

Called out Minecraft community

After the Google Doc was posted of Kaceytron clearing the controversy up from her point of view the best she could, the situation got even more intense when the streamer called out the Minecraft community once again on Twitter. These tweets included shots fired at Minecraft fans, Markus “Notch” Persson, and even the Minecraft creator.

In a clip uploaded onto Livestream Fails on Reddit, the gamer said: “They weaponize cancel culture in a way that’s just so vicious.  It’s like they’re not doing it for good. They’re not doing it for any real change . They just do it to make people feel like sh*t and to accuse them of being racist and homophobic”.

In a later Twitch stream, Kaceytron once again brought up the situation and added: “These are people who are knowingly and willingly using a term coined by Eminem, a homophobic sexist. I would be afraid too. I feel like a lot of these creators feel like they have been backed into a corner because of these stans. They will go to any length to make somebody feel marginalized”.

The Twitch streamer also read out death threats she received from the Minecraft community. Her sister, Holly Cannabis, also joined in to slam Dream and other fans. However, the Minecraft community still showed they were just as upset with Kaceytron, and continued to defend Dream and call her out for being problematic. 

How do you feel about this controversy? Do you think Kaceytron is in the right or wrong? Who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • She should’ve cleared the situation up the best she could at the beginning and left it at that. Stirring the pot, bringing it up constantly, possibly making them feel more ‘attacked’ isnt the way to go. YES, she shouldn’t be getting threats or anything like that at all, BUT she could of possibly avoided further retaliation if she left what she was to say at her clearing it up. She proceeded to instead FUEL THE FIRE. I don’t blame her for wanting to fight back, but she needs to see that part of this drama could’ve been avoided had she just said what she needed to say and moved on. There is no point in trying to fight with a bunch of newly pubescent individuals.

    March 25, 2021
  • Before I start, please remember I am not on anybody side, I’m just here to voice my opinion. I went through a VOD of kaceytrons, and it seemed like she was making faces everytime dream stuttered, and was making fun of him, which isnt okay. He cannot control it, since he has ADHD. I also dont understand how kacey thought it would be a good idea to call out other streamers for queerbaiting, but never apologized for doing it herself? I dont really feel dream is at fault, for its his “stans” are the ones sending death threats, not him, and he cant control them.

    April 13, 2021

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