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'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' has been Nintendo Switch’s highlight since quarantine began. Are these games officially old news?

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’: Are these Nintendo Switch games old news?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been Nintendo Switch’s highlight since quarantine began. Between the peaceful atmosphere and the lovable characters, it’s no wonder Animal Crossing has become the most popular Nintendo Switch game on the market. 

But it’s not the first Nintendo Switch game to have this peaceful, open sandbox layout. Other games have had similar feels and ideas, but Animal Crossing has effectively pushed them away from most Nintendo Switch users’ minds. 

Luckily, we searched through the eShop to find these adorable Nintendo Switch games that, as amazing as Animal Crossing is, we can’t forget about. Grab your Bells and dive into these Animal Crossing-eque games for the Nintendo Switch that are worth remembering. 

Stardew Valley 

The sweet little game will have you wanting to move to the countryside ASAP. Stardew Valley tells the story of you, the newest resident of Pelican Town who ditched life in an office for the fresh country air. It has a lot of similarities to Animal Crossing, though there are a lot more humans in this game. 

Similar to Animal Crossing, it’s the relationships that help make this game as charming as it is. Giving you the option to form friendships & romantic relationships, Stardew Valley gives you the chance to interact with some great characters as you build up your little farm. 

In this game, what you do with your time is up to you, but you have tons of options. From decorating your home to taking some time to fish, mine, or dig, there’s always something to do. Though Stardew Valley came out in 2016, Animal Crossing wasn’t able to knock this adorable little game off the map, making sure fans of both can continue to enjoy the friends they make – animal or human – any time they want.  

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Take a trip to the gorgeous island of Yonder in this amazing open world game. Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a beautiful open world game that lets you explore the magical world of Gemea at your own pace, meeting the mystical inhabitants and cultivating new skills along the way. 

Unlike Animal Crossing, which lets you be crafty in a general way, Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles lets you pick & choose which hobby you want to indulge in. From chef to tailor, you can pick whatever profession you want, all the while keeping up your own amazing little farm on this magical island. 

The game also has several different biomes and environments, so there’s always somewhere new to explore. With several ways to fulfill objectives and tons of friends to make, Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles will have you exploring the peaceful island of Yonder for hours with something new to find every step of the way. 

Little Dragon Cafe 

Order up! This sweet simulator dropped in 2018, but it has the feel of many cute iOS games like Bakery Story, giving older gamers a nice dose of nostalgia along with some much-needed relaxation. 

In the game, you play as one of two twins, Rin & Ren, as you run a cafe and raise a baby dragon, all the while trying to figure out what happened to your now ill mother. It seems like a lot, but the cute atmosphere of the game promises a chill experience as you piece the puzzle together. 

You won’t be confined to serving up dishes at the cafe, either. The world is open to explore with your little dragon buddy, letting you farm for ingredients and find recipes for new dishes to try. Exploring becomes more fun the older your dragon gets, giving you the chance to ride on his back as you go. Little Dragon Cafe has a lot to offer Animal Crossing fans who want the chill atmosphere as well as a robust story. 

Know of any other Animal Crossing-esque games for the Nintendo Switch that got swept under the rug? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep the cuteness going! 

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