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Rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch Pro release date are making headlines this week. Here are all the details you need to know.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Did Nintendo just leak their own release date?

Just over a year after gamers were refreshing tracker sites in attempts to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest console, the video game giant is back in the news. Nintendo Switch helped folks through the days of early lockdown in 2020, but before long, PS5 took the viral crown of consoles to watch. Now, Nintendo may have leaked the release date of a new console, the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch Pro release date are making headlines this week, as gamers anxiously await the latest update from one of video games’ most innovative consoles. Fans are wondering if the rumors are bogus, or if they’ll be playing the new Nintendo Switch Pro before the new year. Here’s what we’ve found.

Drop in fall

Twitter is buzzing with Nintendo Switch Pro rumors today, but have the gaming gods at Nintendo hinted at a release date yet? 

CNET reported today that according to Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch Pro will have a release date come fall 2021. The upgrade to the wildly successful Nintendo Switch is reported to be unveiled in the weeks ahead, and will likely have a release date in September or October. 

With a release date coming up in just a few months, gamers are wondering how soon it’ll be until they catch a glimpse of the Nintendo Switch Pro. Any buyer likes to know exactly what they’re getting, even if gamers are committed (and they are) to buying any upgrade Nintendo throws their way. 

Pre E3

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo, AKA E3, just around the corner in June, Nintendo freaks are wondering if they’ll have to wait until the expo to see what they’re dealing with, concerning the Nintendo Switch Pro. However, reports say the Switch upgrade will be revealed before the expo.

Nintendo is said to reveal the Switch Pro before E3 so the company, along with other developers, can present games supporting the new console by the time the event rolls around. We know the Switch Pro will have its release date this coming fall, but do we know what games will drop along with the console?

New titles

Well, no – not yet. It’s still hard to say which games will be released alongside the Switch Pro, but like in the film industry, remakes & sequels have been reportedly prioritized. 

Fans wonder if they’ll get a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel or even a Metroid 4 with the upcoming console. Nintendo has, however, announced they’ll bring gamers a remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in November, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus in January.

A release date-time has been shared with gamers, along with rumored games, so now there’s only one question for prospective Switch Pro buyers: what’s the price?

Upgrade & upcharge

Nintendo has yet to release a price for the new Switch Pro, but reports say the console will likely cost more than the $299 Nintendo Switch. However, the cheaper $199 Switch Lite will continue to be available, despite the Nintendo Switch being phased out by the Switch Pro.

Furthermore, GSMArena reports the Nintendo Switch Pro will have a different name upon its release, one Nintendo is keeping close to the chest. The console will also have an upgraded seven-inch OLED screen, from the Switch’s six-point-two-inch LCD. The display is rumored to stay at 720p to maintain battery life.

Only time will tell if the new Nintendo Switch Pro will reach the same success which made Animal Crossing memes clog up our feeds for weeks last year. However, with the current specs & viral rumors surrounding its release date, the Switch Pro seems too big to fail.

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