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All you Trifroce try-hard better equip your ocarina! We're hopping through the wacky 'Legend of Zelda' timeline with memes in the spirit of the anniversary.

Celebrate the ‘Legend of Zelda’ 35th anniversary with these timeline memes

Yesterday was Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary! In other words, the very first Legend of Zelda game titled just that was released by Nintendo on February 21st, 1986. Since this archaic puzzle video game delighted NES fans, over twenty-two The Legend of Zelda games have been released, the franchise selling over 80 million games worldwide.

Fans of the Zelda series can say they’ve explored Hyrule as Link in different eras, traversing fresh landscapes and riddling out new puzzles with each game. While other video game series present relatively linear or easily trackable game progression, Legend of Zelda, on the other hand, is all over the place with multiple alternative timelines existing on one grander timeline. 

Triforce try-hard fans may be able to whip out a Legend of Zelda timeline and explain where each game fits, but for the rest of us, it’s much easier to laugh it off and enjoy the games, however disjointed they may be in our heads. Either way, we’re happy to keep fighting Ganon until the end of all the timelines combined, so these last thirty-five years have been a joy.

Don’t worry if you missed Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda anniversary – there’s plenty of time to celebrate with these hilarious timeline memes. Better whip out your ocarina because we’re jumping all around this wacky timeline. 

Classic conundrum

Nothing speaks to the Legend of Zelda timeline memes like this traditional Pepe Silvia It’s Always Sunny meme. Eccentric fans will always look nutty to those who are lackadaisical to lore.

Classic revamped 

What’s better than the Pepe Silvia meme? This BOTW redrawing of the meme. Whoever took the time to create this masterpiece is our hero.

Confusion anniversary

The true anniversary is about the thirty-five years of confusion we’ve experienced concerning the Legend of Zelda timeline. 

Brb Zelda – I’m busy

This idea must occur to all Legend of Zelda players. Why are you goofing off when you’re supposed to be helping Zelda?! Get your sh!t together Link!

Kingdom Hearts wins

If y’all are so concerned with how the Legend of Zelda timeline seems nonsensical, just play through the Kingdom Hearts series. That game is jaw-droppingly chaotic when it comes to lore. 

Timey wimey tales

Listen to the Doctor – you just have to give up the complicated antics at some point and just accept the gobblygook explanation as it is. 

Scholar brawlers

You may feel like a fine organization as you nerds figure out the Zelda timeline together, but as soon as you start discussing which game is best the fists come out.


We had to go there. The name “Link” is just too punny not to bring up.

Ancient go-karts

When it comes to technology – especially Link’s mechanical mounts – we just have to stop asking questions about the timeline all together.

Too close to the truth

What did we say? Stop asking questions about the timeline or Shigeru will be coming for you.

LoZ for Dummies

We need to buy this book immediately, because – honestly – we’re much too impatient & smooth-brained to try and untangle that timeline alone

Which Legend of Zelda game is your favorite of all time? Let us know below.

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