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The 'Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword' is heading to Nintendo Switch for a remaster. Here are the memes about fan displeasure with the news.

‘Skyward Sword’ comes to Switch and no one’s happy: The funniest reactions

Breath of the Wild fans were really hoping that Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct would give them some long-awaited news on the hotly anticipated Breath of the Wild 2. Instead, we learned that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is getting remastered for the Switch. And, wow, no one is having a good time right now with that news. From the price to remembering those jankys Wii controls, people are making memes about the release.

We’re betting that if say Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, or Wind Waker got a re-release people would be feeling pretty differently. (Speaking of? Nintendo? Hello? Chop-chop on all of these getting remastered Switch releases. You did it for Mario! Don’t leave Link out of it.) Here are the best memes about the Skyward Sword Switch remaster.

Anyone else having flashbacks?

Ah yes. The real thrilling Skyward Sword experience on the Switch.

On that price tag

Why are you surprised?! It’s Nintendo! 

A resounding “meh”

For those of us who never played Skyward Sword, the option is there. Though based on the reactions of people who have played it? …We’re good, bro. 

There are some people who like it

All five members of the Skyward Sword fanbase are PUMPED, though!

Y’all ready to meet Groose?!

The best character of the game. Don’t @ us here. 


Nintendo is us all accidentally blowing ourselves up in Breath of the Wild with this Skyward Sword news.

*flashbacks intensify*

At least there are button controls with this remastered edition? 

Toes . . .

What do we mean by the toes? Spend the sixty bucks and find out.

How all of us are dealing with the news right now.

The universal experience

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