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'Rick and Morty' looks to be heading to 'Fortnite' in the new season of the game. Sharpen that pitchfork and join the other annoyed fans online.

Is ‘Fortnite’ using ‘Rick and Morty’ in its new season? See why Twitter hates it

Fortnite season 7 is incoming! In the new season of the popular game, it looks like we may be seeing some Rick and Morty characters making an appearance? Okay, it’s one of the robots from Ricky and Morty, but still. Does this mean we can see characters from the adult animated series in the new season of Fortnite? Well, some fans of the game are hoping that the answer is no.

Why? Well, you remember the debacle of McDonalds and Szechuan sauce, right? That . . . that was not the best moment for the Rick and Morty fandom. Naturally, people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on this potential Ricky and Morty addition in Fortnite’s new season. Here are their thoughts.


Hey, hey Morty. Look over here, Morty.

Oh boy, Morty.


What does it mean? 

Is reality even real anymore?


This is your purpose, dude

Can Butter Bot find a new purpose? 


This has been a day

It . . . It has been a day.


Is this a good idea, Fortnite? 

Are you sure this is the right fanbase? 


Just let it stop. Stop the madness! 

Let Family Guy die.



Fortnite will collaborate with every franchise out there.


Meh. Can’t win them all, Fortnite.


Never forget the sauce

To get the Rick and Morty fans, duh.


The bar inches ever downward

You could get lower, tbh.

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